Versatile 4WD Pack

Versatile 4WD articulated tractor

1 .: Model year 2012 - 2016 (450, 500, 550)
2 .: Model year 2017 - 2021 (520, 570, 610)
3 .: Model year 2022 (530, 580, 620)

Power: 470 - 665 hp
Top speed: 40 km/h

The "4WD" series has been built by the manufacturer "Versatile" in its parent plant in Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) since 2012 and has since received two facelifts: In 2017 Versatile painted the red-white 4WD in red-yellow-black again, just like the former Versatile legends of the 70s and 80s. In addition to a new terminal the 4WD also got a new top model, the 4WD 610. Now in 2021 Versatile presented a new top model for the upcoming year, the 4WD 620. The new facelift also comes with a slightly modernized design.

What differentiates this mod from the Giants basegame model?

- All 3 facelifts / series available
- New terminal added
- Country configurations "USA" and "Australia" added
- Much more tire configurations
- Spacers between the frame and the rim removed
- Enlarged planetary gears in rims
- GPS terminals (2 different) added
- Added optional seeder terminals
- Old mirror model added
- Huge changes to the exhaust system of the 4WD (2012 - 2016)
- Remodelling of the hood of the 4WD (2012 - 2016)
- Several sound changes
- Adjustments to the gearbox
- Seat added that can be rotated via mouse control
- Door added that can be opened by mouse control
- Slight adjustment of the color scheme (yellow tone)
- Added warning triangle on the back
- Missing hoses on hydraulics added
- Added selectable rear PTO
- Selectable carpet added
- Selectable footrests added
- Material adjustments in the interior
- Newly created decals
- Top speed increased from 35 km/h to 40 km/h
- Indicators now move in and out depending on the tire configuration
- The dashboard display has been heavily revised
- The steering wheel has been completely remodeled
- 4WD (2012 - 2016) got complete halogen light setup
- Added speed-, rotation- and many other displays in the monitor
- The front weight is now optional
- Startup animations built into all displays
Farming Simulator 22
29.68 MB
User Rating:
4.7 (1044)


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