Power Tools

With the Power Tools you have quick and easy access to some "quality of life" features. Especially useful if you are a modder or do mod reviews.

Using a single key/button (configurable, default F12) you activate the Power Tools menu. From there you can quikly navigate to the different functions without the need for a mouse or navigating through multiple menus.

- Add/remove money to your farm
- Fill vehicle - supports vehicles with multiple tanks/storage units and accepts any filltype supported by the vehicle *
- Spawn any type of pallet (including production materials like sugar and clothes) *
- Spawn any type of bale - supports round/square, all sizes and all types (straw, silage, cotton etc) *
- Spawn tree logs - currently only supports birch, spruce and pine (in a limited number of lengths) *
- Quickly save the current game, ether via hotkey or the menu *
- Quickly exit current game and go to the main menu (or restart the savegame, see below)
- Toggle "Flight mode" (then use J to activate flight mode and Q/E to ascend/descend in the air)
- Toggle HUD/interface on/off
- Toggle "Super strength" mode
- Repeat last command

IMPORTANT: Features marked with an asterisk (*) isn't available on dedicated servers, only in singleplayer and self-hosted multiplayer.

- To reset your money (or set to a specific amount) use '=' as a prefix, e.g. '=100' would set your bank account to 100
- If you choose the "Exit to menu" option when also have started the game with the '-restart -autoStartSavegameId 1' startup flags, the game will automagically restart your savegame
- Now PowerTools properly distinguish between exit to menu and restart, even if the game is started with either the '-restart' and/or the '-autoStartSavegameId N' flags
- You also have the console command 'ee' to exit the game (to main menu) and the 'rr' command to restart the current savegame. Both commands will do a clean restart of the game client (the exit and restart commands in the menu will do a soft reset).
- Many of the features requires that you have admin access (to prevent cheating in multiplayer) - in single player everyone is admin though :)
- Filling vehicles, saving the game and spawning bales/pallets/trees currently only work if you are the host of the game (i.e. single player or self-hosted multiplayer) and does not work on dedicated servers
- To be able to use "Repeat last action" you need to bind a hotkey in the input binding settings

- NEW: Last command can be repeated via hotkey (experimental feature)
- NEW: Added "Restart savegame" command (different from exit to menu)
- NEW: Added new console commands (see notes)
- FIX: Tweaked the exit/restart feature for faster restarts

- NEW: Added option to spawn logs
- FIX: Should now be possible to use 'Fill Vehicle' on vehicles with hidden fill units (e.g. truck with liquid tank)
- FIX: Fill type names is now properly translated when filling vehicle

- FIX: Fixed the game crash on leave/restart game caused by the v1.2 patch
- FIX: Fixed the multiplayer issues on dedicated servers

- FIX: Add/remove money should now work properly in multiplayer
- FIX: The game should no longer crash when exiting/restarting via the console command 'ee'
- NEW: Added option to save the game via the menu or a 'quick save' hotkey
- NEW: Can spawn any type of pallet (tied to filltypes, i.e. not the ones in the store)
- NEW: Can spawn any type of bale! Round or square, all sizes and all types (straw, silage, cotton etc).
- NEW: Added Turkish translation
- NEW: Added Portuguese translation

- FIX: French translation now working properly
- MOD: Now you need to confirm before exit so you don't loose any progress
- NEW: Russian translation
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