Jatobá Farm

Jatobá Farm is a brazilian map based on the region of the municipality of Jataí, Goiás.
- 29 large and medium sized fields with missions, with relatively rugged relief.
- Dealership with workshop and ramp for services.
- Accompanying a small town, where it is possible to buy some houses. Next door is the animal dealer.
- Gas station next to the JTY warehouse, with a workshop.
- Grains can be sold at the JTY and Pioneer warehouse, as well as potatoes and beets.
- The mill is the only outlet for sugarcane.
- The Abeia market in town accepts beans, potatoes, beets and eggs.
- To sell cotton bales, wool, grass, silage and straw, you have to go to the Rio Claro Bales.
- Milk is sold only at the dairy.
- You can sell logs and wood chips at the sawmill.
- BGA for silage work.
- To buy limestone, you need to take a trailer to the unloading point at the limestone seller.
- On the main farm, your machines can be stored in two sheds, with a workshop for services.
- The main farm also has a house, pens for chickens, pigs and sheep, as well as a water collection point.
- Besides the farm, the map has a plot of land only with a field and shed for customization.

Have fun!

- Additional crops: black beans and sorghum.
Farming Simulator 19
DH Modding
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