South Brazilian Map

Map Based on Taió region, Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil.
Welcome to the first Brazilian map on the game's ModHub.
This map was created with a lot of affection and dedication to show players a little bit of agriculture in Brazil. Hope you like!
- It has 3 grain sales.
- Sale of bales, wool and cotton.
- Sale of milk and eggs.
- It sells wood and wood chips.
- It has a sugarcane plant.
- Account with BGA.
- There is a mining company where you can get your limestone.
- Traffic and pedestrian system
- It has a small town and a humble and united population.
- There are many fields for sale, open spaces and forest areas where you can open fields.
- It has 3 more cultures than the original game. Black beans, rice and sorghum, With Sorghum you can make Silage or Grain Spoon.
- For rice, we include areas for rice fields for cultivation of simulated rice.
- Rice fields contain triggers to fill and empty them with water.
- At Headquarters it has a shed, house, farm silo, corral for cows, area for pigs, area for sheep and their hens are free at the headquarters.
- A new tree has been added to the map, Araucaria, a tree that we see a lot in southern Brazil.

Change log:
- Corrected the Sale of Oats;
- Fixed some objects flying around the map;
- Fixed the sale of limestone;
- Added grain sales in Dogão da Lurdes and sale of Manure, Liquid / Solid. (However, it only appears if you create a New Save, This is not something So Necessary);
- Animal pens cannot be sold now (we put this to avoid accidents).

(Remembering that the original headquarters of the map is intended for Small Machinery!)

Have a good game!
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