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In the basegame the shop prices for packed goods (big bags, IBCs, pallets and bales) differs quite a lot from the basegame bulk prices*. This means buying some materials in bulk can be quite a lot more expensive/cheaper than buying the same goods packed in pallets, creating some weird and unexpected imbalances. Also, the pallet prices does not reflect the custom economy set by the map maker (possibly creating even more imbalance between prices).

Another issue is that Liquid Fertilizer is relatively priced 13% higher than Solid Fertilizer. With both a higher consumption and a relatively higher price this sums up in a unexpected higher total cost per ha/ac for liquid fertilizer.

With Pallet Price Balancer the prices for palleted goods is no longer static and is now properly aligned with the bulk prices for each individual map. Also, the per ha/ac price for liquid fertilizer is now balanced towards solid fertilizer.

- Prices for seeds, fertilizer and lime on pallets and in big bags is now aligned towards the map bulk prices
- Liquid fertilizer is cheaper (roughly the same total cost per ha/ac as with solid fertilizer)
- Buying in larger quantities (i.e. 2100L Pioneer seed pallet vs 1000L seed big bag) is slightly cheaper

- With the basegame pricing* Seeds and Lime are now slightly more expensive, Solid Fertilizer is unchanged and Liquid Fertilizer is now about 10% cheaper. Herbicide is not affected.
- The prices for selected packed goods is now dynamically calculated and is set slightly above the bulk price to reflect the more expensive packaging and handling (i.e. buying in bulk from fill stations will be cheaper)
- Big bags, IBCs and pallets with a volume above 2000L has an additional quantity discount (10%), making it cheaper to buy larger packages.
- The liquid fertilizer is now better balanced towards solid fertilizer. Typically a field would require about 300L/ha liquid fertilizer but only about 220L/ha for solid fertilizer. At the same time the price/liter for liquid fertilizer was only about 15% cheaper despite requiring about 30-35% more material.
- This rebalance should also work well with missions since the utilization for the slightly more expensive seeds are minimal and the price for solid fertilizer (which have a much higher utilizzation) is unchanged. And with liquid fertilizer you should now get about the same profit as with solid fertilizer (rather than getting less profit as it used to be).

* "Basegame pricing" is the bulk prices set on the basegame maps. Modded maps can yield different prices.
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