Newpark Farm

Welcome to Newpark Farm!

This is a fictional map inspired by real farms set in the UK. The map is quite a small map (or maybe medium for some people).
It has 33 fields ranging in different shapes and sizes.
It includes 3 Forests (can be turned into fields if you wish to)
and 2 Farm Yards with Newpark Farm being the main farm, and East Newpark Farm being a smaller farm.
You can find cows, pigs and sheep at Newpark Farm plus a grain storage and 2 silage pits.
At East Newpark Farm, you can find pigs and sheep only, and a silage pit.
Both farms has a fuel tank for refilling your vehicles.
A BGA plant can be found at the west side of the map which includes 4 silage pits.
You can find a water filling point at the lake in field 18.
There is also a small storage yard at the north side of the map for extra storage.
You can sell grain, root crops, bales, timber and wood chips at Thomas and Sons.
For the machinery, you can buy and sell them at Taylor's Agriculture Engineers.
The animal husbandry is built into placeables and can be sold or repurchased.
Animals can be purchased at Newpark Market while milk and eggs can be sold there.
The map is seasons ready.

Hoping you would enjoy looking around or playing on my map.
Feel free to offer any suggestions as these will be used for improvements.

Added paintable grass and bushes
Added cuttable grass to lawns
Added double gate from road into field 16
Fixed contracts
Fixed wind turbins
Fixed ATM
Fixed fence behind farm house at main farm
Fixed open silage pit
Fixed cow shed for feeding bales
Removed collision from cats eyes on roads
Improved ground textues around field gateways
Improved PDA map
Improved some gates by loweing
Improved placeables by making some tweaks
Lots of other small bugs fixed and improvements made

Credits: Also a special thanks to my brothers for helping with testing the map and for the support of my Fiancée
during the long process of making this map and her help with writing this description. Thank you!
Farming Simulator 19
93.91 MB
User Rating:
4 (2218)


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