HS 10.5 Tank Trailers

The trailers in this package will help you transport liquids.

Important: Please delete versions or earlier on PC/MAC, because this mod has been given a new name on PC/MAC due to the hose system.

This pack consists of 6 versions of the HS 10.5 tank trailer:

+ All trailers offer a choice of colors for the base and rims with all colors from the well-known manufacturers
+ All trailers can be equipped with decals to inform them of their load

Price: 15000 $
Capacity: 10500 l

1. HS 10.5 S/SP (Category Crop Protection, 2 configurations):

+ Supports the transport of liquid fertilizers and herbicides
+ Field sprayers can be filled with liquid fertilizers or herbicides at this tank trailer

HS 10.5 S:

+ Filling or unloading also possible at storages

HS 10.5 SP:

+ Can place pallets on the edge of the field
- Cannot be unloaded directly at storages

2. HS 10.5 D (Category Misc):

+ Supports the transport of diesel
+ Vehicles can be filled with diesel on this trailer

3. HS 10.5 M (Category Animals):

+ Supports the transport of milk
+ Unloading starts automatically as soon as you have reached a storage or a point of sale

4. HS 10.5 W (Category Animals):

+ Supports the transport of water
+ Unloading starts automatically as soon as you have reached a storage, watering point or sales point

5. HS 10.5 SD Easy (Category Slurry Tanks):

+ Supports the transport of digestate and slurry
+ Slurrybarrels for spreading on the fields can be filled at this tank trailer

Profi Version

+ supports the hoses from the Manure System (just PC/MAC)
- Refueling the vehicles with diesel is not possible in this version


+ Fixed CPU Mesh Warning
Farming Simulator 19
2.63 MB
User Rating:
4.3 (221)

Required Mods:

- Samson Slurry Pack (By: TF 2020 MODS)
- Holmer Slurry Pack (By: TF 2020 MODS)


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