T4-40 Multi Harvester Pack

Now with access to new machining technology, the Holmer TerraDos T4-40 is now able to harvest multiple crops thanks to interchangeable adapted headers
- Holmer T4-40 Multi found in Beet Technology
- Price, from:$200,000
- Engine power: 696HP - 2350HP
- Speed 60kph - 200kph
- Capacity configurations of 60 thousand litres, 250 thousand litres or 1million litres
- Colour configurations
- Tyre configurations (all crop safe)

- Headers are 5.4m, with a choice of 9mph,18mph or Unreal
- Header prices are:$10,000, $15,000 and $20,000
- Trailer included, price : $8,000
- Harvest the following
- Beetroots
- Carrots
- Cotton
- Parsnips
- Potatoes
- SugarBeets
- SugarCane
- Each header is found in the relevant store category, with the exception of the carrot and parsnip headers, which can be found in the miscellaneous category


- Improved AI worker
- Added equipment configurations for contract missions (Beetroot, Carrot, Parsnip, SugarBeet, Potato and Cotton Harvesting)
- Added equipment configurations for forage contract missions (You need the Forage Contracts mod for this to work)(PC ONLY)
- Beetroots, carrots, cotton, parsnips, potatoes, sugarbeets and sugarcane can now be harvested with a single header found in Beet Technology category, still available in 3 speed options
- To be able to harvest potatoes, sugarbeets and sugarcane you need the relevent topper addon which you will find in those categories or through the combinations tab, each is $250. Once purchased, you will find a parts crate that you can attach to the front of the header. Just select the addon and detach when finished
- There is an option to add a potato, sugarbeet or sugarcane decal to your header to identify it if you have one of the addons
- Added T4-40 Forage Harvester, find this in Forage Harvesters, price from $200,000
- Added a 9 metre forage header available in 9mph for $25,000, 18mph for $30,000, or Unreal for $35,000, find this in Forage Harvester Headers category, forage header can also harvest grass
- Added a 9 metre poplar header available in 9mph for $25,000, 18mph for $30,000, or Unreal for $35,000, find this in Forage Harvester Headers category
- Added a Lizard RRW 500 Multi to cart all crops from the field, price from : $50,000
- Added a pin hitch to the header trailer so you can daisy chain
Farming Simulator 22
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