John Deere Series 8030T And Demco SideQuest 1000/1200

John Deere 8030T Series Tractors are built with thunderous power and impressive performance, taking impressive performance from a 16 forward and 4 reverse PowerShift automatic variable transmission. Aligned with the Demco SideQuest 1000 and 1200 tanks, the set becomes more productive with fewer stops to refill liquid fertilizer

John Deere 8030T Specifications:
- Price: $243000
- Power: 265, 335, 310, 380, 335 and 445 HP
- Model options: 8020T, 8020T Chiptuned, 8030T, 8030T Chiptuned, 8040T and 8040T Chiptuned, models corresponding to the powers of the previous topic

Demco Sidequest Specifications:
SideQuest 1000:
- Price: $7500
- Capacity: 1892 liters of liquid fertilizer or herbicide

SideQuest 1200:
- Price: $9000
- Capacity: 2271 liters of liquid fertilizer or herbicide

Options and animations John Deere 8030T:
- Wide, narrow mats, with normal gauge or 3 meters, as well as optional weights
- Optional weight or front hydraulic
- Optional Star Fire 3000 or 6000 GPS along with the G4 monitor
- 4 window film shades
- Optional internal accessories
- Optional antennas
- Optional exhaust tip, a standard tip and a chrome tip
- Numbering from 1 to 9
- Optional tool box and chains
- Front headlight models with 4, 5, 6 or 7
- Optional cabin lights
- Optional light bar, reflective plate and reflective triangle
- giroflex options
- Additional Isaria Pro Compact sensor is possible, requires Precision Farming DLC
- Compatible with carpooling system, Requires Kubota DLC
- Has the hook function when approaching the rear hitch, requires Volvo DLC
- It has animations for the door, window, sunshade, seat adjustment, steering wheel column, mirrors and traffic lights
- When the optional GPS antenna is activated, the game's folding function can be used to make the steering wheel column rise and the driver change position, giving the GPS a more real appearance
Farming Simulator 22
John Deere / Demco
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