Kandelin At MV

Welcome to Kandelin, here with us in northern Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
Every morning when the sun casts its first light over the vast fields shrouded in mist, the small community of Süderholz comes to life.
Become part of this community and take up the challenge.
"Start where others stop" - farming around Kandelin offers diverse and challenging opportunities, from small farmers to large-scale operations with agricultural areas of up to 140 hectares.
Discover the villages and the surrounding area as part of the contracting company, expand your business or enjoy the simple farm life on the idyllic sheep farm.
You decide where the journey takes you.
The map was created in years of teamwork based on the municipality of Süderholz and offers, among other things

-48 fields and 9 meadows
-8 playable farms with 4 BGAs (BGAs must be purchased separately)
-Various production and sales outlets
-4 forests
-3 purchasable solar parks
Pre-placed wind turbines can be purchased separately
and much more...

The Platinum DLC is required for full game fun / functionality.

After purchasing a farm you should save the game once and restart it,
so that all additional functions can be put into operation.

(Buildings with animated fans and the bale shredders may not be sold)

Have fun exploring the map!

(a new savegame is recommended for all adjustments/new features)
- latest version of Mod FS22_SalvageHallSet ( ) is required
- fixed tree between field 43 & 53 (caused crashes)
- adjusted some floating objects
- Deco on the paddock connected to the stable
- Corrected spelling mistakes on the PDA
- Purchase and sales prices of compound feed adjusted
- Manure plate Agrar Kandelin adjusted
- Some adjustments on the farm Agrar Kandelin
- indoor area of debris hall Agrar Kandelin adapted
- some decorative objects made for sale on the farms
- GH Substrate can now be bought loose in Kandelin and Bisdorf
- Sales points ice cream parlors and retirement home moved to the street
- Productivity of lime and sugar beet production increased
- Harvested grass no longer grows when you drive over it
- All cowsheds must now be mucked out (loading trigger for trailers available with loading symbol)
- Fence at the sheep pasture can now be sold
- Farm Augustin assigned the right sounds at the fans
- Pasture fences and gates are now acquired with the purchase of farmland
- Double trees removed at the pond of field 17 and field 54
- Straw plane on the farm Agrar Bisdorf fixed
- Collisions of the signposts have been removed

Changelog / New savegame required
- Fruit destruction 2.0 installed
- Adaptation of various plant textures
- Manure system installed
- Some texture adjustments
- Increase of the max. dumpable piles
- Various bugs fixed (floating trees, missing collisions, ...)
- AI traffic revised and new license plates created
- Fixed a bug in the lime production
- Added points of sale for methane
- New PDA created
- some adjustments to the height model
- the mod Extended animal system is no longer mandatory
- Fixed an error with the field stones
- Fire department reworked and made purchasable
- Added deco plants in painting mode
Farming Simulator 22
973.21 MB
User Rating:
4.3 (519)

Required Mods:

- Wind Turbine Package (By: Razak)
- More Animal Husbandries Possible (64) (By: modelleicher (Farming Agency))
- Bale And Vehicle Shelter (By: Razak)
- Metal Shelf (By: Razak)
- BR Small Shed (By: ML Modding, DH Modding)
- Half-Timbered Farm Buildings (By: VertexDezign)
- Salvage Halls Package (By: Razak)
- Bunkersilo Set (By: Razak)
- GDR Building Package (By: Vertexdezign)
- Garage 40x10 (By: Piesel)
- Large Old Chicken Coop (By: VX mapping)
- Greenhouse Modular (By: Kastor [D-S-Agrarservice])
- Lizard Multipurpose Sheds (By: MrHector)
- Big Yellow Houses (By: Rajot GPLAY)
- European Decorative Buildings Pack (By: MrHector)
- Modern House Set (By: Redphoenix)


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