Court Farm Country Park

Welcome to Court Farm This map is based in Banwell Somerset UK.

- Replica of the real life farm and surroundings.
- Real life PDA map.
- New animals rabbits.
- New wind effects.
- 4 main farms and many more smaller yards.
- Custom lighting and colour grading.
- Animated objects across the map.
- Custom textures pbr with Parralax mapping.
- Custom traffic.
- Over 100 Hd new models made by myself.
- 144 fields with missions - small/medium/large.
- 207 farm lands.
- 3 placeable areas where you can build your own production/farm.
- 9 sell points and BGA sawmill etc.
- Seasons visuals and random events (trees,hedges etc).
- Collectables.
- Highly customizable Uk license plates built into map.
- Custom Foliage and ground textures.
- Custom sounds.
- Interior farm house.
- Precision farming support.
- Mud mod support.
- Uk theme production point chain ( Windmill, bakery).
- New fruit Linseed,Fieldbeans,Rye,Alfalfa.
- MTA support.
- Campsites that can be bought to generate money
- Some smaller yards need to be cleaned out.
- Rabbits in the wildlife

Changelog (

- Fields 45 and 36 gate opening into road
- Shop display now says it opens at 9am correctly
- Few collisions fixed
- Windmill production tweaked
- Added olives to sell points
- Tweaked home farm sheep gate and wool spawn point
- Tweaked court farms slurry pit fill plane.
- Tweaked court farms manure spawn point
- Tweaked some animal pastures food and water capacity.
- Tweaked BGA gate
- Added straw to Canola
- Tweaked Stonebridge farm to be more playable and have more space
- Added more straw planes in the shed at court farms.
- Tweaked camp sites income.
- Fixed linseed fill plane specular.
- Cows food tweaked
- Most Gates now open wider making it easier to access fields.

Changelog (

- Fixed cows eating areas at home farm
- Bulletbills more realistic lighting system through the seasons.
- Allowing the horse pasture to be sold at court farms.
- By popular demand the area outside the fields on the pda map will have the option to purchase (new save).
- Removed collisions on the crashed van on seasons.
- Improved straw spawn area at court farms.

I Hope you all like this map.
Farming Simulator 22
955.18 MB
User Rating:
4.6 (2421)


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