Pacific Inlet Logging

Log from the mountains to the swamps. DIY Farming is available. (No animals. Create your own fields.)

Changelog (
- The swamp area terrain has been raised.
- All trees in the swamp area including sideways trees are now cuttable by the chain saw.

Changelog (
- Added ramp and water sell point.
- Added Biogas plant.
- Added pigMud in certain areas of the road that made sense.
- Replaced all default grass so it is mowable.
- Replaced bridge.
- Expanded wetlands and lowered the terrain slightly in the swamp areas.
- Flattened ground on the east side for easier field creation.
- Enclosed the roads a little more with smaller trees along the road from the mill to #6 landing.
- Thickened forest in some sparse areas.
- Fixed all texture file formats for console support.
- Fixed water so it looks normal on consoles.
- Removed a tipCol which was causing the wood chips to now unload on the ground.
- Removed extra tree texture files that were not being used.

Changelog (
- Removed the drive thru wood sell point.
- Removed mill ramp.
- Lowered the box around the unload wood sell point.
- New default vehicles have been added.
- Added Barn sell point.
- Added Grain factory sell point.
- Added Grain Silo.

Changelog (
- Tree physics have been adjusted to better handeling.
- 2000+ trees have been adjusted for better placements.
- 95% of floating trees have been fixed. Leaving some room just in case a few are found.
- 100% Trees that were placed so close to each other they were touching have been moved apart.
- 95% of all trees laying on the ground have been adjusted. There should no longer be trees completely underground. All should be cuttable now.
- The mill now has indicators for sell points.
- The ramp at the drop in sell deposit no longer looks like a grain sell point.
- The water sell point has been removed.

Changelog (
- Cleaned up the original FDR Logging map so it qualifies for modhub.
Farming Simulator 17
FDR Logging Team
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3.6 (1024)


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