The Eldorado map is a Brazilian map, based on the city of Pradópolis - São Paulo.
Its name comes from one of the names of the farm that gave rise to the city of Pradópolis.
Become a successful new farmer, growing from just an employee, to a large, renowned farmer in the region.
Be part of the history of Pradópolis!

- This map has 105 purchasable lands and 67 small to large fields, all of which feature missions;
- Work with coffee farming and sell your production or process it to obtain roasted coffee;
- At shop, you can make your purchases and repair your vehicles/implements, if necessary;
- If the cost of the inspection at shop is too heavy for your budget, you can send it to the mechanic workshop located in front of the gas station;
- Your grain production in general (also including your potatoes and beets) can be sold in the 2 warehouses present on the map, where warehouse 2 gives you the possibility of unloading your grains on the train. It is also possible to store your grains in warehouses;
- Rent the train at 3 different points so you can sell your products in other cities. Available at the plant, warehouse 2 and at the sawmill;
- Sugarcane is only sold at the plant. In this place you can buy fertilizer from the vinasse produced in this place and produce ethanol to sell at the gas station;
- Bales in general, cotton and wool, are accepted at the cotton gin;
- It is possible to sell various products in the city market;
- At the sawmill it is possible to sell wood and also produce boards;
- If you want to sell the milk from your cows or produce dairy products, Dairy is the place you are looking for;
- In need of limestone? Do you also need to get rid of the stones that were removed from your crops? Simple! Go to the Limestone company;
- Are you in urgent need of fuel? Run to the Posto, located in the industrial area of Pradópolis;
- In your new home, you have at your disposal a house to sleep in and a shed to store your few machines;
- There is no snow on this map, as the winter in this region is only cold and dry;
- The animal trader and the store close their doors at the end of the day, stay tuned.

Have a good time!
Farming Simulator 22
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