Welcome to Eiersholt, a fictive map in the northern part of Europe based on Loess Hill Country map by TP-Modding. Eiersholt offers a lush green landscape and 61 irregular shaped fields, 3 minor villages and many sellpoints.

You don't need any additional mods when playing on Eiersholt, but the map is compatible with:
- Seasons 19 by Realismus Modding (No additional GEO is needed. Eiersholt has a build in GEO)
- HorseExtension by the Farming Agency
- Strawharvest Addon by Creative Mesh
- AnimalPenExtension by GtX
- Manure system by Wopster

With Eiersholt you will get a lot of custom features. Some of them are:
- New fruittypes: Alfalfa, Clover, Horsegrass, Fieldgrass, Meadowgrass, Miscanthus, Triticale, Rye, Spelt, Millet, Onions, Carrots
- New Silages (when playing with Horse Extension mods): Grassilage, Maizesilage, WCS, Cloversilage, Alfalfasilage, Horsesilage
- FruitDestruction 2.0 - extended realistic fruit destruction
- Feeding system reworked (when playing with Horse Extension mods)
- Changed Horse Husbandries (added Manure)
- Heighttype-Limit maxed to 128
- CCM-Bin-Silo
- Overhaul of light system by Realismus Modding, Oxygen_David
- Custom sawmill buildings by Kastor
- LandScapePaintText by HoT, DerElky
- Additional terrain angles
- Many additional paintable textures plus grass, bushes and weeds

Script authors:
- Ifko[nator] (AnimalFix, I3DLoadingFix, l10nfix, SprayerFix, addBalesToWrapper)
- Farmer_Schubi (FillTypeMover)

The map would not have been possible without the help of the following people:
Modders: bgo1973, Kobuk (snowMask), Butterz (AD route network)
Testers: overchord, Stu, GBP_Nation12, ddewar, Butterz, fattygabby, ticho, Northen, RebelliiouZ, GamemanDK, iw_shawn, Matty, bgo1973, Datalund

Special thanks to:
- The Alien Paul, Ifko[nator] and Kastor - For helping out with so many things and for giving permissions to use scripts and buildings!
- all the others we have forgotten here
Farming Simulator 19
911.95 MB
User Rating:
4.2 (285)
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