This mod allows each player of the server to have his own bank to transfer his money. Money in the bank is not lost after a disconnection and can be recovered at any time. All transactions are performed on the server side and bank accounts are also recorded, before each transaction the server verifies the balance of the player in the bank and in play, that is to say that it is impossible to alter the banking information of a player with a cheat software or other! All banking information is encrypted.

Info: It is recommended to use the MPLogin mod.
Warning: Do not forget to activate the separation of accounts! Players' bank accounts with special characters or numbers in their username will be reset after the update to version! It will be necessary for each player to connect again to rebuild the list of players for offline money transfers and ranking after the update to version

Changelog: V1.0.0.0:
- Sending money to a single bank account for each player
- Recovering money from the bank
- 100% server side verification
- 100% server side information backup
- Compatibility of mod with dedicated servers

Changelog: V1.0.0.1:
- Sending money to another player's bank
- Encrypting information on the server
- Translation EN / DE

Changelog: V1.0.0.2:
- Real-time transaction log in the server console
- Ranking of the richest players
- Send money to an offline player
- Compatibility of mod with non-dedicated servers

Changelog: V1.0.0.3:
- Fixed a bug where the host can not be the recipient of a money transfer

Changelog: V1.0.0.4:
- Fixed a bug where special characters in nicks are no longer supported

Changelog: V1.0.0.5:
- Improved display of nicks in the ranking of the richest players

Changelog: V1.0.0.6:
- Minor optimization

Changelog: V1.0.0.7
- Minor optimization
- Shortcut visible in the menu
- Fixed a bug preventing the sending of money to players not visible in the ranking

Changelog: V1.0.0.8
- Spanish translation
- Ability to enter a sum of money with the numeric keypad
- Optimizing the interface for translations
- Transaction history in its own bank visible in the client interface
- Fixed a bug with identical nicks that has a difference on a character (upper/lower case)
- Change of the key by CTRL-right + B
- Polish translation

Changelog: V1.0.0.9
- Fixed a bug preventing money transfer even though you really have this money in your wallet
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