Emergency Pack

Emergency Pack for Farming Simulator 22 gives players the opportunity to take on the role of a firefighter and put out fires, rescue people from car accidents and perform other firefighting tasks. With a selection of original vehicles and equipment, players can respond quickly and effectively to emergencies and save lives. The fire missions, with realistic depictions of fire and smoke, as well as the danger of fire spread, provide an authentic mission experience. Whether playing alone or in multiplayer mode, the Emergency Pack for Farming Simulator 22 is an exciting and challenging mod that will not only appeal to firefighters fans.

You want to design your own missions, use your own rescue vehicles for the missions or support the project and stay up to date? Then join our Discord server.

- Added burned car scenario
- Added Turkish translation
- Fixed reel carts are attachable while entered
- Changed pager time settings calculation

- Added Czech translations
- Fixed pager settings bug on consoles

- Added TLF3000
- Added new missions (car crash, field fire, cat on tree)
- Added game settings for pager
- Added help page in game menu
- Added engagement distance configurable per scenario
- Added interaction restricting for placement tool
- Fixed fire particle material
- Fixed HLF20 licensePlate
- Fixed HLF20 sunshade
- Fixed binding agent canister mp rotation
- Fixed cut loop when user the cutter tool in multiplayer
- Fixed player being able to simultaneously hold any grabbable object and hand tool during any scenario
- Fixed auto apply oil binding on tool deactivation
- Fixed hide ring selector when cutting is finished.
- Fixed don't count growing (non split) trees.
- Fixed HLF20 real lights
- Fixed car wreck active door visibility
- Fixed carts don't start in MP
- Fixed client effect visibility on dedicated server
- Fixed client starting a scenario on dedicated server
- Updated localizations
- Updated HLF20 lights and dashboard decals #720
- Changed vehicle pricing
- Changed default input binding for mission start
- Changed rp command to ep command
- Changed sirene sounds

- Added tree scenario
- Added oil-spill scenario
- Added pallet fire scenario
- Added teleport marker to activation trigger
- Added automatic working light for light pole
- Added force update of marker on scenario complete
- Added fire stacking cooldown
- Added sound to binding agent canister
- Fixed mission start in multiplayer
- Fixed Go To Helper errors
- Fixed attack nozzle only usable near a compatible vehicle of the farm
- Fixed attack nozzle out of range warning
- Fixed automatic light pole light for low settings
- Fixed visibility of markers and ring selectors to the player holding the handtool
- Fixed saving issue after tree scenario completion
- Fixed rear orange warning real light blinking
- Fixed issue when players switch farm while scenario is pending
- Fixed wreckedCar01 mesh and cracked window clipping
- Fixed binding agent canister cap casting shadow
- Updated bale texture and bale stack model
- Updated localization PL
- Changed cutter to switchable
- Removed unused files and placeables

- Fixed game freeze when AI was activated

- Added multiplayer support
- Added placeable trigger to start scenarios
- Added support material step to car crash
- Added lights to beacon cones
- Added localization DE, ES, EA, NL, PL
- Fixed door collision on car wreck when separated
- Fixed enterable carts, force engine start
- Improved/Fixed HLF 20
- Improved attack nozzle effect
- Improved third-person-view of hand tools
- Improved cone physics
- Several smaller fixes and improvements

- Removed multiplayer support
Farming Simulator 22
Schlingmann, Gollmer & Hummel, MAN
213.71 MB
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4.5 (17417)

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