Sussex Farm

A landscape similar to some areas around Sussex UK with random areas for placable items.
3 Farms, 36 Fields, 7 Placeable Areas, 5 Grass Areas, Field Missions, Forestry, BGA, Gold Nuggets.
Seasons and Sugarcane ready.

Changelog v2.0.0.3
No new save game needed.
- Fixed issue with fuel sell price.
- Fixed issue with missing prices from price stats dialog.

Missed out from last changelog.
- Texaco fuel station is now a fuel sell point.
- Added a fuel buy point for tankers at top of map.
- Added vehicle fuel point in the new farm workshop.
- Added fuel sell point at the port.
- added more water sell points at Plumpton Farm, SealyEG's, McConnell Inn, The Horseshoe, Sherwood Stables, LiveStock Market and the Garden Centre.
- Added a character standing at the vehicle shop icon.
- Added a character standing at the vehicle sell point icon.

Changelog v2.0.0.2
No new save game needed but as always no guarantee.
- Added ability to remove collisions from hedges by talking to Allen the guard up at the vehicle shop please wait or fast forward one in game hour before talking to Allen during the daytime
- Added ability to take a ride (up only) in the helicopter for scenery view or to skydive
- Added potato, sugarbeet and sugarcane pallet sell point inside the helicopter at airport
- Added grass and hay purchase point down at the port
- Added TMR and Pig Food selling points at the live stock market
- Added a multi storage facility next to the garden centre
- Added WorkShop to junk yard garage
- Added On/Off trigger to plane at airport
- Added On/Off trigger to windmill.
- Added On/Off trigger to sprinklers at Plumpton farm
- Added ability to turn off flying ducks at the neighbours scarecrow
- Added some deco items at SealyP's
- Added two horse stables with straw, grass and hay sell points
- Added In-game shop goods sell point at garden centre
- Added potato-pallet sell point at Wandering Grill
- Adjusted traffic to all run at same speed.
- Widened pig feeding trigger area
- Rebuilt Seed and Tool shelfs at farm yard with common shed materials to cut down on the amount of different materials used
- Widened junk yard entrance to allow bigger machinery through
- Adjusted background sounds volume
- Adjusted various clipping objects
- All water reachable with trailer is now free
- AI now should not drive off the clift at G2
- No AI collision on road at end of field 17
- Moved plane at airport from runway to hanger to allow PC plane mods to use runway
- Removed gas station near main farm and placed a warehouse in Its place with workshop.
- Removed 2 background plane sounds
- Removed cargo ship leaving port on timer
- Removed row of residential flats
- Removed two layers of grass foliage
- Removed port lighthouse and cargo cranes for better FPS at the BGA
- Removed silo pipes and two silo towers from yard
- Removed all water but sea water

Changelog v2.0.0.1
- Over 3000 trees removed.
- Fixed some texture issues.
- Added Switch to farm yard lights.
- widened sheep feed trigger.
- Fixed pig food mess.
- Fixed AI issue on field 6.
- Background sounds now loop less often.
- Various other fixes.

Changelog v2.0.0.0
- Complete map overhaul.
- Updated for consoles.
- Added seasons.
- Added Sugarcane.
- Added sell points opening hours (most are 6 till 9).
- Added Manure buy point at Live Stock Market.
- Added ability to turn off Air-Traffic (Jumbo-Jet) at the airfield watchtower.
- Lowered Field prices.
- Lowered/Changed some clipping distances.
- Deleted/Replaced some objects due to minor lag issues.
- Various other fixes.
Farming Simulator 17
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