Holmåkra 22

Welcome to Holmåkra 22!

This is a forestry only map based on a Scandinavian setting with steep hills and lots of trees. On the map you will find a whole new sawmill area set up as a production chain where you deliver wood which is processed into sawn boards of different measurements. These then need to be dried in the wood dryer situated next to the sawmill. The dry boards can then be sold at “Stamnared wood” along with the woodchips that are produced at the sawmill. If you want to skip the production of boards, you can sell wood directly at Stamnared wood.

The map has been prepared for AI on all gravel roads which means that you can have AI run loops delivering woodchips for example.

On the map overview you will find that the forest has been divided into compartments depending on their geographical location, stage of growth and tree species. To make it easier for you and your friends to navigate and find each other, every compartment has been assigned a number.

For this map we have created all new trees to make the experience even more realistic. On the map you will find custom spruce, pine and birch trees which can all be processed with in game machinery.

We hope that you will have a lot of fun in the forests of Holmåkra!

- Fixed issue with incorrect tree collisions
- Fixed issue that caused ground foliage not to disappear when plowing
- Fixed issue with trees in the air on some places
- Fixed issue with pallet spawner at the wood drying station
- Other minor fixes
Farming Simulator 22
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User Rating:
3.9 (1768)


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