TLX 3500 Series

TLX 3500 Series pick-up
The Big Brother is here!!!! The TLX2020 set a standart in versatility, the TLX3500 elevates that concept exponentialy.

Totally new design, options, combinations and lots of fun!

Versions included:
- Crew Cab
- Single Cab

Attachments/Beds Included
- Crew Cab: Pickup bed; Flatbed; Tipper
- Single Cab: Pickup bed XL; Flatbed XL; Prospector XL

Options available:
- Special Editions: Stock, Metalized, Black Belle, Copperhead & Silver Bullet
- Mirrors: Stock, Wide
- Extras: Stock, Sidesteps, Snorkle, Roofrack & combinations of them
- Bumpers: Choose between 7 options
- Lighting: Stock, Spotlights or LED Lights
- Headlights: Choose between Multiple colors
- Wheels: Choose between 30+ options
- Attachers: Stock or Plow Mount
- Engines: 7.3L Diesel or 6.2L Supercharged

Base price: 28000 $

Changelog v1.0.1.0:
- Fixed: Dynamic suspension behavior
- Fixed: Braking performance
- Fixed: Sliding issues
- Fixed: Swampers left pattern facing backwards
- Fixed: Wheel configurations with some tires cliping on the rims (Nokian)
- Fixed: Steeringwheel height
- Fixed: Vehicle keep moving when auto start/stop is enabled
- Added: Heavy Duty WheelConfiguration under WORK
- Added: Tipper bed
- Added: Fuel transport to the service bed

Changelog v1.1.0.0:
- Added: Single cab configuration
- Added: Pickup bed XL
- Added: Fuel transport to both versions of the pickup bed (normal and XL)
- Added: Prospector XL Bed
- Width (stock - extra wide)
- Gates (with side gates or flatbed)
- Fenders 5 options (Based on the wheel selection you have made on the truck!)
- Fuel transport
- Added: New Wheel Brand - Prospector. An option working between the stock and the lifted frame!
- Added: New rims for the Mud-Terrain, Swampers and the Prospector tires
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