Kcender Valley CoOp Farms

Set in the fictional countryside of Kcender Valley, this map is intended to be run as a series of Co-Op Farms in multi-player gameplay. It contains seperate farms for each animal type, several central Co-Op operations yards where all the shared equipment can be stored, and two Co-op owned storage facility for grains, root vegetables and bales. The map contains many varied sell points scattered around the map. Enjoy!!

Map Highlights:
- Three Animal Farms and several central Co-Op shared work areas for storing shared equipment.
- A diesel storage tank located at the main Co-Op yard that must be fill up before you can refill vehicles.
- Four Grain Sell Points on the map (Kcender Valley Co-Op, OGF Seed & Feed, Wogers Wholesale Silage and Orleans Grain) for the various crops.
- A Garden Center where you can sell Boards from the sawmill, bales and woodchips. There are also triggers to buy manure and slurry.
- Seperate High Capacity Storage silos at two Kcender Valley Co-Op storage yards, as well as a root crop storage building and several bale barns. You can store crops waiting for a high price.
- The dealer, BGA and certain sell points are only open during designated hours
- The BGA has various sized bunkers and two silage digesters.
- There are loading vehicles at the Dealer, BGA and Sawmill that are not owned by tou but can be used in game.
- You start out with NO owned fields, but alot of equipment.
- In Single Player mode, there are Missions on some of the fields.
- Two forestry areas need to be bought before harvesting trees.
- The sawmill produces pallets of boards that can be sold at the Garden Center.
- Chopped Straw has been Installed. (PC Only)
- A Milk Fill Trigger and Milk Sell Trigger have been added to the map but you must add the Stop Milk Sale trigger if you want to sell Milk manually.
Farming Simulator 17
FarmerJohn [jfhmodding]
655.32 MB
User Rating:
3.8 (165)


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