Placeable Manure Shop

At this placeable object you can buy manure with tools and trailers, if they supported placeable or static filltriggers in the game.

+ for loading with the shovels, forks and conveyor belt please use the Mod FILLTRIGGER TOOLS.
+ it's possible to fill standard trailers or manure spreader

You can find the mod in the category "Placeables", so you can place it freely on the map.

For filling with the supported tools drive in the filltrigger area and please press "R" on the keyboard or L3 (left stick) on gamepads and controllers.

Installation light system:

Step 1: place the manure shop
Step 2: place 4 lamps or 7 lamps as close as possible to the left side of the manure shop
Step 3: if you have placed the lamps, you will find a question mark symbol in the game between the lamps
Step 4: visit this symbol and press the left mouse button, the circle button on Playstation 4 controllers and the button "B" on xBox One controllers for final installation

After the final installation it's possible to switch the light on and off. The light switch can be found at the first lamp on the right side of the manure shop. This works like the final installation with the left mouse button, the circle button on the PS4 controller, or the button "B" on the X1 controller.


+ specular without alpha channel, as no color choice
+ optional manual lighting
+ more detailed description

- forks removed, you find the forks now in the mod FILLTRIGGER TOOLS
Farming Simulator 17
JCB, Magsi, Stoll
4.67 MB
User Rating:
4.1 (598)

Required Mods:

- Filltrigger Tools (By: Holger Sengstock)


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