Potato Processing

Potato Processing

The Potato Processing puts the focus on the potato and turns potato cultivation into a great experience!
Process your potatoes together with numerous farm products into new potato-based products.
In addition to the main production building there are new greenhouses and placeable points of sale.

New buildings:

- Potato Processing:
A placeable production building that processes potatoes and several other farm products.
Price: 80,000 $

- Greenhouses:
A mid-sized and a large greenhouse that produce lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, onions, cucumbers and peppers.
Price: 5,000 $ - 10.000 $

- Farmer Wholesale:
A placeable selling point where potato-based products and other farm products can be sold directly.
Price: 1 $

- Farm Supermarket:
A placable building that produces income every hour by selling products directly to the customer.
The profit is about 30% higher than selling directly. However, the selling ammount per day is limited.
Price: 80,000 $
Storage space per product: 4000 liter

Manufacturable Products:
- Premium potatoes
- Food starch
- Vegetable fat
- French fries
- Potato gratin
- Fried potatoes
- Mashed potatoes
- Potato soup
- Pepper chips
- Potato pancakes
- Stuffed baked potatoes
- Potato salad
- Croquettes
- Onions
- Peppers
- Cucumbers

=> Information and tips:

In order to further process products within the potato processing, the production output of these products must be switched to "distribute" so that no plates are ejected.

The supermarket has a limited storage space for each product (4000 liters) and produces income every hour. Since the supermarket is technically a production, the production lines must be activated once in order for the stored products to be sold.

=> Changelog

- Problems with transporting cucumber, onion and pepper pallets with the forklift due to a corrupt collider have been fixed.
- The unintentional distribution of products that can be further processed within the Potato Processing to the supermarket has been prevented.

Gameplay Changes:
- Vegetable Fat, Premium Potatoes and Cornstarch can no longer be sold in the Supermarket.
- The production rate of peppers in the greenhouse has been increased.
- Some recipes have been slightly changed.
- The sale prices for some products have been adjusted.
- Farmer wholesale now accepts more products.
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