Le Risaie Del Nord

In this area of ​​Italy you can find ponds and large fields of rice, being the area purely known for its large rice production.
This map is inspired by an area of ​​the pianura padana, between the PO river and the Sesia river from which many farmers draw to flood their rice fields (called risaie).
There are some areas mainly used for forestry activity.
The choice of using an area as a paddy field or for forestry varies in relation to the climatic characteristics of the moment and the presence of irrigated resources.
The map consists of 55 fields, 38 of which are floodable for rice cultivation.
There are waterways with relative locks to regulate the flooding of the fields.
The size of the fields varies from a minimum of 1.23 hectares to a maximum of 7.23 hectares.
It is possible to produce corn mash to feed pigs or for the sale of the same using the special forage harvester (necessary pack forage harvester).
In addition to the classic crops, excluding sugar cane, there are: sorghum, protein pea, alfalfa, rice.
3 different bunker silo are available as positionable in the classic version, for the production of compost and for the production of corn mash.
To produce the corn mash, the corn must be harvested with a special forage harvesters, deposited in a special trench (available among the placeable), compacted and covered, just like silage.
Fixed various bugs. Removed chickpeas. Increased capacity of the silos. Improved terrain in some fields.
Correct yield of alfalfa.
Enlarged farm gates.
Reduced height of field borders (Only visible with new savegame).
Added ability to chop corn stalks.
Added missing bridge on the road near the riseria Italia.
New crop added: tomatoes.
Added machinery for tomato harvesting.
Widened some bridges to facilitate the passage with large equipment.
Farming Simulator 19
177.47 MB
User Rating:
3.9 (1378)

Required Mods:

- Brick Shed Pack Italian Style (By: BlackEyes Modding)
- Forage Harvesters Pack (By: BlackEyesModding)


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