MAN Transport Pack

This pack adds swap bodies and the corresponding trucks and trailers.

TGX 18.400 XL & XLX
Price: 90,000 - 100,000.- €
Power: 324 KW / 440 hp

TGX 26.640 XL & XLX
Price: 140,000 - 150,000.- €
Power: 471 KW / 640 hp

Tandem 2 & 3 Axles
Price: 25,500 - 28,500.- €

Platform swap body (XXL)
Price: 12,000.- (16,000.-) €

Tank swap body (XXL)
Price: 18,000.- (22,000.-) €

Timber swap body (XXL)
Price: 15,000.- (20,000.-) €

ITRunner swap body (XXL)
Price: 12,000.- (16,000.-) €

Built-in prefabs:
- LED light bar 22 and 52 by Swedish Bonna Team
- License plate kit by RedCat 3D
- Trailer support arm by Rick Black Labele TWD Modding


- New tandem trailers
- All buttons in the interior light up when the light is switched on
- Fixed TGX logo (TGX 18.400 and 26.640 now have the correct logo on the cabin)
- All storage boxes have been renewed
- Spare tire holder has been removed
- Navi now has a start logo when starting the engine
- Slot consumption reduced (only for console)
- Trailer hitch can now be hidden and shown in the game (no configuration required)
- Michelin man added
- Grill, side panel and bumper can also be painted (configuration)
- Added interior color (configuration)
- Tinted rear windows
- Added interior decoration
- New swap bodies support legs

Mod support (PC only):
- universalPassenger from GTX
- Simple IC from Modelleicher
- License plates from Helfer B

- Animal transport swap body added
- Animal transport swap body XXL added
- Added Krampe swap body
- Krampe swap body XXL added
- Silo swap body XXL added
- Added green badge on windshield
- Added Italian translation (Thanks Wasker98)
- Added Polish translation (Thanks Dexus)
- Added Russian translation (Thanks Nagor)
- Tank swap body and tank swap body XXL can now load more Filltypes
- Vehicles can now be refueled from the tank swap body and tank swap body XXL
- Revised ambient lighting (light no longer peeps through the bumper)
- Illuminated MAN logo added (configurable)
- Minor fixes and improvements
- Buttons on the steering wheel are now also illuminated.
Farming Simulator 19
MAN, Lizard
54.57 MB
User Rating:
4.3 (1233)
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