Concrete Rollers Pack

Concrete meadow rollers are used to compact topsoil, break up clods and tighten the seedbed. After sowing, they compact the soil, level the surface, removes early weeds and, most importantly, ensure better moisture conditions for emergence. It is an old school way of farming, but concrete rolls have a long lifetime as well as low maintenance.

Model CR 190 / 190x)
Price: 5,000 $
Daily upkeep: None
Working width: 1,90 meters
Needed power: 30 hp
Working speed: 12 km/h
Configurations: Frame extension with extra attachers for combination of multiple rollers (price 250 $)
Combination: CR 190x can be combined with two CR 190 rollers wich brings to total work width up to 5,6 meters.
Activation: Press 'B'

Model CR 290
Price: 5,500 $
Daily upkeep: None
Working width: 2,90 meters
Needed power: 35 hp
Working speed: 12 km/h
Configurations: None
Combination: None - it is highly recommended no to combine the CR 190x with the CR 290, this will change the behavior in the field and increase the turn radius.
Activation: Press 'B'

This mod works with all major game addons. If you need to use the helper make sure to disable 'Helper Refill - Fertilizer' in the Esc menu under 'Game Settings'.

NOTE!! It is necessary to remove all previous versions from Your mods folder due to changes in this update.

- Complete new model
- Custom UDIM grid for rust and concrete
- Added new vehicleTypes
- Added new model
- Completely new scripting
Farming Simulator 19
Your local blacksmith
4.28 MB
User Rating:
4.1 (762)


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