Lizard BSX 250

The BSX 250 is a small multifunctional tandem axle car trailer, like you will find on a lot of farms in Western Europe. The trailer has a galvanized chassis, and side and floor boards out of shuttering plywood. The trailer has a loading bay of 250x130cm (1300l) and has a maximim total weight of 750kg.

Base price: 900€
Base capacity: 1300l

The following features are available:
- Optional cover, ladderrack, nose wheel, spare wheel
- 3 wheel configurations
- Numberplates for a selection of 18 countries
- Optional wire mesh sides, this also allows the transportation of animals!

Not all configurations have the same options and game features! Below follows a summary of options that need further explanation.
- Cover: three options are available, with cover, without cover, or 'invisible cover'. The first two are self explanatory, the invisible cover will not show up ingame but can be used to toggle between a fillable trailer and a non-fillable trailer. With the invisible cover you can stop big bags from emptying into the trailer. Trailers using the other cover options can not be used to transport big bags!
- Wire mesh sides: this configuration has an increased capacity of 3000l for materials that don't fall through the wire mesh sides, for other materials the capacity stays 1300l. Unloading is done in two stages, first from the wire mesh door and then from the tailgate (change tipside!). This configuration will allow you to transport three sheep or two pigs!
- Transport version: this configuration is for people who will only use the trailer to transport objects like bales, wood, equipment or pallets. This configuration will allow you to transport big bags.

Thanks to Bigfarmer145 and BBeutlin for their advice and explanations on the GDN forum.
If you have any problems or questions, you can contact me on the official Giants forum, or on FS Nation.

- Altered description slightly
- Changed brand to Lizard

- Repaired bug where game would freeze or trailer would disappear under the map when changing between certain configurations(Error: Running LUA method 'update')
- Removed support collision for trailers without option 'nose wheel'
Farming Simulator 19
2.10 MB
User Rating:
4.2 (3310)



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