Grape Production Pack

Discover new grape-related products.
The improved grape plant will produce, in addition to grape juice, grape must and grape seeds.
Both of these new productions are available on pallets, the seeds can be transformed into grape seed oil in the dedicated plant and the must sold for the time being.
A sales point is also available to sell your delicious products.

Two sales points and two oil factories are available, one in a European style, the other with the basic visuals, the cost and production values are identical.

Large grape factory:
- Price: 200000 $
Storage capacity:
- Grapes: 150000L
- Dry grapes: 60000L
- Grape juice: 60000L
- Grape seeds 30000L
- Grape must 150000L
Production speed and cost:
- Raisin: 14400 cycles/month ,cost: 72 $/month
- Grape juice: 4800 cycles/month ,cost: 72 $/month

Oil mill:
Price: 80000 $
Storage capacity:
- Sunflower: 144000L
- Canola: 144000L
- Olive: 72000L
- Grape seeds: 72000L
- Sunflower oil: 20000L
- Canola oil: 20000L
- Olive oil: 10000L
- Grape seed oil: 10000L
Production speed and cost:
- Sunflower oil: 9600 cycles/month, cost: 60 $/month
- Canola oil: 9600 cycles/month, cost: 60 $/month
- Olive oil: 6000 cycles/month, cost: 60 $/month
- Grape seed oil: 6000 cycles/month, cost: 60 $/month

Farmers' market:
Possibility to sell grape seed oil, grape must and grape seeds in addition to the classical products.
- Price: 55000 $


- Added the following productions: grape leatherette, shoes, belts
- Addition of a pallet of recycled polyester and polyurethane, available for purchase in the shop for the production of grape leatherette. 1050L
- Addition of the following factories: textile factory, tailor, fertilizer production
- Added lights on the European oil mill and on the European farmers' market
- Updated the market to allow the sale of the new products mentioned above

Textile factory :

Purchase cost: 60000 $.

Storage capacity :
- Wool: 45000L
- Cotton: 45000L
- Grape must: 45000L
- Recycled polyester and polyurethane: 45000L
- Fabric: 5000L
- Faux grape leather: 5000L

Production speed and cost:
- Fabric (wool): 2160 cycles/month ,cost: 120$/month
- Fabric (cotton): 1440 cycles/month ,cost: 120$/month
- Grape leatherette: 2160 cycles/month ,cost: 120$/month

Tailor :

Purchase cost: 100000 $.

Storage capacity :
- Fabric: 32000L
- Imitation grape leather: 32000L
- Clothing: 8000L
- Shoes : 8000L
- Belts: 8000L

Production speed and cost:
- Clothing: 2880 cycles/month ,cost: 240$/month
- Shoes: 2880 cycles/month ,cost: 240$/month
- Belts: 2880 cycles/month ,cost: 240$/month

Fertilizer production :

Storage capacity :
- Grape must: 150000L
- Fertilizer: 150000L

Production speed and cost:
- Fertiliser: 240 cycles/month ,cost: 72$/month


- Added Brazilian/Portuguese translations. Many thanks to @Miyamoto86|Roger for his work!


Discover and take advantage of additional production lines with unpacked grape juice that will enable the production of premium grape juice and sparkling grape juice!
Two new grape processing plants are now available, one of large size, and the other of medium size which can be staggered with the oil mill to create a complete plant.

- Addition of unpackaged grape juice
- Addition of premium grape juice
- Addition of sparkling grape juice
- Addition of a large European-style grape processing building
- Addition of a grape processing building in a medium European style.
- Addition of a cooperative building - bottling plant
- Addition of MKS8 and MKS32 tanks for transporting unpackaged grape juice
- Overhaul of grape processing production speed and adjustment of production costs
- Overhaul of oil processing production speed and adjustment of production costs
- Correction of a texture mismatch on the grape processing plant
- Modification of textures on the European farmers' market
- Changes to farmers' markets = now accept all products, even those from other mods (only if they have been categorised)


- Addition of the unpacked grape loading trigger icon on the grape processing plant
- Adjusted the size of the summary panel on the grape processing plant, which was partly hidden by an air conditioning pack
- Update of the summary panel : addition of available equipment and pallet
- Removal of the staircase railings that were sinking into the ground in the bottling plant
- Corrected the 3D of the bottling plant (offset concrete element)
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