MaizePlus Forage Extension

ForageExtension for MaizePlus.
This Extension for MaizePlus reworks the feeding system in FS completely. First the differentiating between the different silages from MaizePlus makes sense now, but the feeding in general is reworked to make it more interesting and also more realistic.

We also add new feeding-related food-fruits Alfalfa (with Hay and Silage) and Clover (with Hay and Silage) and Carrots.
If you want to harvest Alfalfa or Clover as fresh fodded or hay you need a Map that is ready for MaizePlus ForageExtension fruit types.
Alfalfa-Silage, Clover-Silage and carrots can be bought in the shop to feed your animals regardles of map preperation.
This Extension also doesn't add any more heighttypes so you don't have to worry about that. But it needs the MaizePlus base mod.

Changelog V 1.4
- added the possibility to use animalFoodAdditions.xml in a separate Zip-folder, it will be prioritised and overwrites settings within the map or the ForageExtension mod itself (for more easy of use in individually adjusting feeding)
(We suggest you use that Zip right away because it already includes all the new feeds added, all new stuff can be used in TMR but doesn't have to be -> 0% to X% values)
- Deuka Feed added (Beetchips, Graingrist, Mineral-Feed, Power-Food, Sheep-Food, Horse-Food, Chicken-Food) each as Pallet and single Sack
- additional Feed added (Beetpulp, Beetpulp-Silage, Beetshreds, Potatoshreds, Brewers-Grain, Brewers-Grain-Silage)
- Ruby Rootcrop-Shredder-Shovel added (for Potatoes and Beets -> Beetshreds, Potatoshreds)
- Buying-Station for Brewers-Grain and Beetpulp added (can be made into silage in bunkerSilos)
- Molasses Tank (IBC) added (refillable)
- Filtered Water Tank (IBC) added
- Water Tank (IBC) added (refillable)

!!Caution!! Due to changes with HeightTypes in this update it is recommended to create a Savegame-Backup before updating MaizePlus (and extensions) in case something goes wrong so you don't lose a good savegame.
(It is also recommended to make a copy of ForageExtension V 1.3 before updating so you can go back to the old version together with the savegame-backup in case something doesn't work, since there is no way to get a older version of a mod through modhub)

Changelog V 1.3
- prices adjusted

Changelog V 1.2
- animalFoodAdditions.xml in map fixed (works now)
- Horse-Hay and Horse-Silage buyable bales in shop (HorseExtension ready)
- Clover and Alfalfa bales now globally added to balers and wrappers, so all standard-sized balers and wrappers work now.
- Kverneland-DLC ready
- filltype mass adjusted to Giants standard
- fillvolume fixed for buyable bales
- Strawblowers can now dissolve hay and silage too (for feeding at animal husbandries without bale triggers)
- several little bugfixes

Short summary of the features:
- all food groups for all default animals reworked and adjusted
- mixer wagons have more inputs and possibilites so the mixture is more complex and realistic
- silage-bales of the different silages, empty bulk goods pallets and carrot pallets for feeding can be bought in the store
- feeding can be adjusted map-specific (for example for new/custom animal types)
- seasons-ready

I will explain the changes with the cows as example:
- feeding is split into 4 feeding categories
- cows don't eat the highest production feed first, they eat all 4 feed-groups at the same time
- each category is 25% production value
- the tmr forage mixing can fill 3 of the 4 categories, the 4. category (hay) needs to be filled seperately to reach 100% production
- with tmr forage mixing you can feed things you can't feed directly (for example Sugarbeet, Potato or Grains)

- The following 4 categories exist:
+ silage-category | energy - maize-silage, grass-silage and wcs-silage
+ hay-category | structure - hay, clover-hay and alfalfa-hay
+ silage-category | protein - clover-silage, alfalfa-silage
+ fresh-fodder-category - grass, clover, chopped-maize

- the mixer-wagon can be filled with:
+ maize-silage 20%-50%
+ wcs-silage 0%-50%
+ straw 0%-35%
+ grass-silage 20%-50%
+ concentrates 1%-15% (soybean / ccm / barley / canola)
+ moisture food 2%-15% (beets / potatos)

Similar changes were done to the other animals.

We thank all mod-teams who support MaizePlus by providing maps for our MaizePlus and ForageExtension update.

Caution! MaizePlus mod is neccessary for this Extension to work. Please read the description of MaizePlus also!
Farming Simulator 19
Farming Agency
27.99 MB
User Rating:
4.4 (1593)

Required Mods:

- MaizePlus (By: The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher)

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