Lizard GHRE75

Lizard GHRE 75:
Self-propelled tractor specially developed to work in the rice field, it has its own equipment for handling the crop. It also has its own function for transporting a small amount of seeds, solid fertilizer or
limestone, which can be used as an aid to load the seeder. Charging can be turned on and off using an "X" key. The unloading of the product in the seeder can be done through the "O" key, leaving the unloading continuous or not. To refuel again, just find the rear of the vehicle with the rear of the trailer,
where the loading location is located.

- Power: 75 HP
- Price: 40000 $
- Maximum speed: 32 kph
- Shooting settings
- Design settings
- Can transport seed and fertilizer
- Chassis and wheels color configuration

Transport trailer:
Used to transport self-propelled GHRE75 when it has iron wheels. Also works as an auxiliary trailer
be able to transport the necessary inputs for the cultivation of the crop. The filling of liquids can be done from the side of the trailer by pressing the "R" key. The loading of the seeder or fertilizer spreader is done from the rear of the trailer
considering that it is activated by the "O" key, in the same way as a bulk trailer.

- Price: 8000 $
- Can transport seed, fertilizer and fuel
- Color settings

Sprayer bar:
Equipment used for the application of liquid fertilizers and herbicides in the field, it is only adapted to the self-propelled GHRE 75 where the mixing tank is
is attached to the rear of the vehicle.
- Price: 15000 $
- Working width: 20 meters
- Working speed: 15 kph
- Capacity: 800 liters

Ferilizer Distributor:
- Price: 4500 $
- Working width: 12 meters
- Working speed: 15 kph
- Capacity: 600 liters
- Color setting

Seed distributor:
- Price: 5000 $
- Working width: 12 meters
- Working speed: 15 kph
- Capacity: 800 liters
- Color setting
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