AGM Front Loader And BigBags Pack

AGM Front Loader.
This mod works like any other front loader from the base game, only this one is based on a Brazilian model.
This mod is designed for the FS19_MF4275_SERIES, but has an optional hitch so you can hitch tractors from the base game

Front Loader 600:
- Color Options
- Options for AGM 600 or FL STOLL coupling
- Animated hoses
- Price: $6500

AGM Pallet Fork:
- Color Options
- Used to move pallets
- Price: 800$

AGM Universal Shovel:
- Color Options
- Used to load Cultures in a trailer
- Price: $1400
- Capacity: 1500l

AGM Leveling Blade:
- Color Options
- Used to spread Silage or other crops
- Price: 2000$

AGM Grab fork:
- Color Options
- Used to carry Silage or other solid cultures to a trailer
- Price: $3500
- Capacity: 1200l

AGM Big Bags
The AGM Big Bags bring functionality to your operation, with some very useful items that are easy to use.

Loadable Big Bag:
- To store crops such as potatoes, beets
- Can be transported with the transport rack for big bags
- Capacity: 1500l
- Price: 200 $

Big Bags General:
- General big bags are bags that can be easily moved with the transport rack
- Capacity of 2000l
- Price: Varies with the type of content contained in the Bag

AGM transport rack:
- Can be combined with the basic game front loaders, but was developed specifically for AGM FrontLoader
- This implement is very useful to transport the big bags in this pack
- Price: 3000 $

Have fun!
Farming Simulator 19
6.69 MB
User Rating:
4.5 (623)

Required Mods:

- MF 4200 SERIES (By: Erik Isac, Agro Mods)

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