Beet Harvest Addon

The goal of Beet Harvest Addon is to make sugar beet farming a lot more fun, challenging and rewarding!

Sugar beets is a phenomenal crop that can be processed into crystalized sugar. Not only does it provide us with that sweet sugar we can use in so many ways (sweetening, flavoring, fermenting, conservation etc), the process of refining beets into sugar also yields biowaste in the form of beet pulp and molasses. What’s great about these organic bi-products is that they make a super efficient natural animal feed for both dairy/beef cattle, sheep, horses and pigs. A very tasteful fodder that is both nutrient rich and easy to digest, and the animals love it!

And if that wasn’t enough, the beet pulp can be turned into biogas at the BGA, and molasses can be used for pressing hay/straw pellets or fermented into biodiesel. And as “icing on the cake”, the bi-product of turning beet pulp into biogas is liquid organic fertilizer that you can use to improve the next harvest of “the white gold”.

This mod is all about growing sugar beets, especially "The Campaign" (the harvest and processing period), and all the additional possibilities that opens up with the new products added to the game. Instead of simply selling raw unprocessed sugar beets as before, you now get multiple possible revenue streams. You can choose to further refine some of the bi-products or sell them as they are, and for every additional step you invest time in you get increased income in return. You can mix and match this between the harvest seasons or choose to match the current progress/needs of your farm. Or maybe you prefer to use the otherwise slow winter days to refine your products, that’s a great way to get the most out of your time.

All the details of the mod is based on real-life data and should serve a purpose both as educational and entertaining.

PLEASE NOTE: This update is mainly a compatibility update to make BeetHarvest Addon fully compatible with MaizePlus maps and MaizePlus Forage Extension mod.
To enable feeding animals with "supaFeed" feed pellets when using MaizePlus Forage Extension mod you need to either:
A) activate the "MaizePlus Forage Extension - Animal Food Additions" mod (v1.0.0.1 or later which will be released soon), or
B) play on a map that has explicit support for the Feed Pellets from BeetHarvest Addon.
The rest of the mod will work just fine regardless, but you will miss out on one great feature. And the Animal Food Additions-mod is really great anyway so there is really no reason not to use it!

FOR MAP MAKERS: On maps with custom animal food settings for MaizePlus you need to explicitly also add supaFeedPellets and/or beetPulp to be able to feed these to the animals. The animalFoodAdditions.xml included in the "MaizePlus Forage Extension - Animal Food Additions" mod (v1.0.0.1 or later) already has explicit support for supaFeedPellets and beetPulp and can be used in your map.

- Adds a new ecosystem around sugar beet farming with new products and multiple uses for each product
- Introduces four new materials (sugar, beet pulp, feed pellets and molasses)
- Provides a sugar factory (refines sugar beets into sugar, beet pulp and molasses) and a pelletizer (presses pulp and molasses into feed pellets)
- Has three custom sell points where you can sell the produce att full price
- Automatically adds Sugar, Feed Pellets and Molasses as accepted products on certain sell stations (i.e. should be at least one sell point on each map accepting these products)
- Automatically adds Beet Pulp as input to any BGA (can be disabled if desired)
- Adds SupaFeed Pellets and Beet Pulp as animal feed for Cows, Pigs, Sheeps and Horses (with Feed Pellets having the highest production value)
- User settings to individually control certain aspects of the mod (see images for details)
- Optional colorful icons (recommended together with GlobalCompany Addon Icons)
- Compatible with Seasons, StrawHarvest Addon, MaizePlus, MaizePlus Forage Extension and MaizePlus Forage Extension - Animal Food Additions

PRICES (€/$/£):
- Sugar Factory: 28,000
- Pellet Press: 6,000
- Sell points: 1


- FIX: Placing Pellet Factory near a Sugar Factory should no longer cause pallet spawn issues

- FIX: Compatibility with MaizePlus 1.5 and Forage Extension 1.4
- FIX: Missing normalmaps restored
- MOD: Renamed "Feed Pellets" to "SupaFeed"
- NEW: Polish translation

- FIX: Pigs should now accept PigFood again
- FIX: Buildings no longer disappears after reloading the game when "interactive zone markers" was off
- FIX: FeedPellets should now properly be accepted as animal food (except on some MaizePlus maps)
- FIX: Molasses IBC is now full (1000L) on purchase in the shop
- FIX: Dumping BeetPulp, Sugar and FeedPellets on ground now works properly (on maps with enough available heightTypes)
- FIX: Sellpoint for Premium Sugar no longer accepts all three products (now only sugar as intended)
- MOD: Reduced the volume of the factory sounds to a more pleasant level

IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod adds new heightTypes (materials that can be dumped on the ground) and because of limitations in the game this might not work properly on some maps (especially older). If you are unable to dump BeetPulp etc to the ground check the log for the warning "Too many height types", if so this feature is disabled (however it won't affect the overall functionality of the mod, you just can't dump some materials to the ground). It is not recommended to remove any mod that add heightTypes (like Seasons, MaizePlus etc) from an existing savegame.

For more information see images and the Facebook page "WZL Modding".
Farming Simulator 19
SugaBeet Company
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4.4 (736)

Required Mods:

- GlobalCompany (By: LS-Modcompany / kevink98, aPuehri, Eribus)

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