License Plates

License plates for your vehicles!

This modification adds license plates for some of the standard vehicles as well as vehicles from DLCs (including the recent Rottne DLC) and the modhub. For these vehicles license plates can be attached and configured (default key binding ALT + L).

Supported standard vehicles:
- All small tractors except for the Fiat
- All medium tractors except for the Stara
- All large tractors except for both Case, the Deutz, MF8700 and MT900E
- All trailers except for the Lode King
- All loading wagons, cutter trailers, animal transporters and telehandlers
- All drivable combines for beet and potatoes
- All cars, Big M 450, NawaRo-Maus, Strautmann VM 1702
- Bizon and IDEAL, FR 780 and Big X 1100
- Water trailers by Lizard and the Siloking
- Jenz HEM und Fliegl Timber Runner
- Fliegl DPW, Kotte FRC and TSA, Premium Integral
- Goldhofer and fuel trailer

Supported vehicles from DLCs and Mods:
- Mixer wagons, straw blower, BioBaler and StackPro 7200 (Anderson DLC)
- Cotton Tag Trailer (John Deere Cotton DLC)
- Loading wagons, forage harvester, combines, telehandler, header trailers and wheelloaders (Claas DLC)
- John Deere 9RX (Bourgault DLC)
- Andex 1304 Pro and Vicon FastBale (Kverneland & Vicon DLC)
- Aebi, Boeckmann, Lindner, Rigitrac, loading wagons, balers, Hit89T and Top612C (Alpine DLC)
- GLE32, MultiTrailer and SE85 (Grimme DLC)
- H21D and F20D (Rottne DLC)
- Bergmann GTW 430 and TSW 6240W, Branter TA 23065 and 23071, Case IH 1455, Challenger MT (700E, Field Viper, Stealth, Field Python), Torion DevMule, Deutz AgroStar 661, Fendt 900 Black Beauty, Fliegl ASS 298 and DPW 180, Huerlimann H488, IT-Runner, JCB 435S, John Deere 6M 2020, Kemper Pack, Krone BiGX580, Liebherr L538, New Holland 8340, RSM 1403, Schlueter 2500VL, Valtra G Series, all Cow Editions and WR Edition (Mods by GIANTS)
- Krone Comprima V180XC and Premos 5000 (Addon Straw Harvest)
- Hauer salt spreader (Hauer Snow Pack)

For more information how to add license plates to custom vehicles refer to the attached manual (English and German).


- Fixed issue with file paths on Mac OS
- Support for Rottne DLC

Version (Europe-Update)
- Fixed error in multiplayer with unsupported vehicles
- Improved behaviour of dirt after text changes
- Added list of vehicles to description
- More countries added
- Background color selectable (white, yellow, red, green)
- Better texture for MOT badge
- Fixed vehicles: Fendt 700, IDEAL9, SEK 802
- Added vehicles: Bergmann, TX32 Trailer, some of the mods listed above

- Initial release
Farming Simulator 19
1.06 MB
User Rating:
4.2 (799)
The rating function has moved to the in-game modhub exclusively


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