A Tidier Shop

The development team behind the dealership website have been hard at work to optimize the machine catalogue to make it easier for you to find the right equipment for every situation.

Some new categories has been added and some existing categories have been split up while others have been merged. On top of that they added various additional tweaks to give you the best exeperience possible.

- Baling technology now split into three categories (balers & wrappers, bale handling and bale transport)
- New categories for placeables such as Workshops & Tools, Seasonal Decorations (christmas, halloween etc), Home/Garden Decorations, Trees & Plants and Misc/Decorative Buildings
- New categories for bulldozers and bulldozer tools
- Added support for a bunch of new equipment like Ifor Williams, JCB Workmax, Joskin Cargo Track, Lindner Unitrac, Ryc-One Sweeper and many many more
- Added support for Precison Farming, Apline DLC, Anderson Pack and Kverneland & Vicon Pack
- Major cleanup of the three misc categories (vehicles, tools and placeables)
- Added new high quality brand logos optimized for the store and also renamed misspelled/duplicated brand names
- Fixed some other minor issues and done some general tweaking
- New crisper mod icon and updated to latest modDesc version
- Added French mod description

- Splits up large mixed categories (eg. trailers) into several more specific categories (eg. car trailers, semi trailers, hooklift containers, swapbody structures)
- Adds additional categories for specialized equipment and buildings such as utility vehicles, excavators, snow removal, factories, bale storage etc
- NEW: More informative mod title that replaces the generic "Mod" text with the actual mod title and the name of the author(s)
- NEW: Improved display of brands with high quality store optimized logos and merging duplicates into one brand category

The team would like to hear your feedback so don't hesitate to visit their website to drop a suggestion or to learn more about the changes they made (link can be found on my Facebook page "WZL Modding").
Farming Simulator 19
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