Deutz AgroStar 6.61 Rebuild

This Deutz Agrostar 6.61 is completely overhauled in comparison to the original from FS15 and quite a few features were added. More on that below.
But first some technical data.

- 147hp (165hp in the more boost version)
- $32,000 base price
- 40kph top speed

Now to the features:
* Wheel Configurations
- - original/base wheels
- - alternative original/base wheels
- - alternative base wheels with twin connector
- - alternative base wheels with narrow twin wheels
- - alternative base wheels with wide twin wheels
- - wide wheels
- - huge wheels (just barely fit underneath the fenders)
- - alternative wide wheels (MITAS)
(all wheel-configs would be possible inn real life and have the correct ratio between front and rear axle)

* Attacher Configurations
- - default just weight carrier
- - weights up to 545kg
- - front hydraulics

* Color Configurations
- - default green
- - orange (snow plow, municipality work)
- - silver-metallic
- - red
- - yellow
- - black

* Frontloader Configurations
- - optional custom console for Hauer Frontloader (with script that disables the additional console so it doesn't look weird)

* Design Configurations Cab
- - old cab + old DX decals
- - old cab + new AgroStar decals
- - new cab + new AgroStar decals

* Design Configurations Fenders
- - default fenders front and back
- - no fenders front, no fender flap rear
- - only fender flap rear
- - only wide fender flap rear
- - fenders front, wide fender flap rear

* Engine Configurations
- - base 147hp like factory
- - turbo boost increased to 165hp

Other Features:
* This tractor is RealManualTransmission (RMT) ready! (4 configurations, 2 transmission variants each as 30kph and 40kph version)
* This tractor is simpleIC ready (windows and doors can be opened with simpleIC - needs simpleIC mod active in savegame)
* edited engine-sound XML for realistic load sound even at low RPM, ideal for use with RMT
* steer knob animation for driver

Now a few words to the model (for those who like to read, or want to know)
- The model is completely reworked. The proportions/scale and measurements were brought to a realistic level
- new front fenders made
- new rear fenders made
- The entire tractor is FS19 material system except the Interior (thanks to Silberdistel1808)
- all rims and twin connectors are newly made for this tractor (thanks to IrrSinnRainer)
- the hood was reworked to be smoother and a few details added
- front hydraulics reworked to include more detail
- Hauer frontloader console custom made to fit this tractor
- the new version of the cab was made to fit with the real tractor, the interior got a reworked control panel at the right.

You can still see that this Deutz is an old FS15 model, but I think with the edits and changes done its still nice to play in FS19, and also visually more realistic.
Farming Simulator 19
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