Map is based on the Vale do Itajaí region, located in Santa Catarina in Southern Brazil.

Welcome to Agronópolis, a simple and calm city, its economy is based on agriculture.
Explore the region, where several beautiful landscapes are present. If you want to have some fun, then go to the soccer field next to the Wool Sale. If you are hungry you can buy a hot dog in the Lurdes trailer.

Agronopolos was planned with great care and always thinking about the Players.

Script extensions:
- Multi-terrain angle (32 angles) PC/MAC only).

My thanks go to the modders whose objects, sounds and scripts I was able to use. A list of credits is located in modDesc.xml under the 'contributors' section.

Map content:
- It has 4 Grain Sales.
- It has a train and 3 storage points.
- You can sell grain at the port or sell wood at Madeireira Agronópolis using the train.
- Sale of bales, wool and cotton.
- Sale of milk and eggs.
- Account with sale of wood and wood chips.
- It has a sugarcane plant.
- Account with the BGA.
- There is a mining company where you can get your limestone.
- Traffic and pedestrian system
- There are many fields for sale, open spaces and forest areas where you can open fields.
- It has 4 more crops than the original game: black beans, rice, millet and sorghum. With sorghum you can make silage or you can harvest it as grain.
- For rice, we include areas for rice fields for simulated rice cultivation.
- Rice fields contain triggers to fill and empty them with water.
- At the main farm there is a shed, a house, a farm silo, a corral for cows, an area for the pigs, an area for sheep, and chickens freely roaming at the main farm.
- New tree has been added to the map: Araucaria. This is a common tree we see a lot in southern Brazil.
- Banana tree was also added, a plant typical of the subtropical climate.
- Map is Seasons - ready , and supports Precision farming DLC

- Problems with the new tree fixed;
- Fixed stuck motion issues;
- Trees suspended in the air corrected;
- Sale of wood chips;
- Improved Precision farm ground map;
- Adjusted rice;
- Adjusted sorghum;
- Adjusted collisions;
- Adjusted animal feed;
- Updated mini map;
- Adjusted sounds;
- Chicken capacity adjusted;
- Removed Dynamic Mud (Frame Drops, we chose to remove it);

Have fun!
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