Aukrug Homfeld

Welcome to Aukrug Homfeld! This map is almost a 1:1 replica from real life!
Aukrug Homfeld is a district of Aukrug and is located in the beautiful Schleswig Holstein.
On the map you will find, among other things, various things:
- 2 cow farms (one of them is your starting farm)
- 1 biogas plant with 2 large digesters and plenty of space for your equipment.
- 1 chicken fattening farm which also has or consists of only one barn with chickens.
- 1 pig farm with pig fattening and plenty of storage space for equipment.
- 1 fertilizer factory with fertilizer production.
- 60+ fields including meadows
- Grain mill
- Pallet production and sale.
- Village roads and field paths
- AI Traffic

- Pedestrian path added to a street, more will be added to the streets in the next update.
- Some wind turbines removed as these caused performance issues.
-Ground unevenness at 2 cow yard at the green garage hall fixed.
- Grass in houses removed
- BGA Halls Placeable improved since this was not at a level with the ground.
- New start vehicles added as the old ones were not good for the start.
- Log error fixed.
- Added new field entrance for field number 20.
- Precision farming is not needed anymore. Map is now playable without precision farming.

- Road signs adapted, because before you got stuck everywhere when turning.
- Track plates placed next to each other, because one has always driven between and it came to accidents.´
- added collision to the trafostation.
- added collision to the solar panels and fences.
- New Savegame recommended.
- fixed terrain shader.
- "Agravis Viehhandel is now renamed to just "agravis".

When you start the map, press P once and open the store,
then go to a tractor and change the tire configuration once.
This process should change and adjust the dark lighting conditions.
Required mods will download automatically when you start the map.

Have fun playing and exploring the map!
Farming Simulator 22
269.53 MB
User Rating:
3.6 (720)

Required Mods:

- Composite Machinesheds (By: VertexDezign, Niggels)
- Old Farm Package (By: [DMI]20mmNormandy)
- Dutch Shed Pack (By: Reffarmer,[DMI]20mmNormandy)
- Cowshed 3+3 (By: [DMI]20mmNormandy)
- Seed And Fertilizer Production (By: Happy_M0le)
- Farmsilo Package (By: [DMI]20mmNormandy)
- EU Factories (By: [DMI]20mmNormandy)
- Precision Farming DLC (By: GIANTS Software)
- Lemken Heliodor 9/600 (By: STv-Modding)
- Arched Buildings Pack (By: MichalLS)
- Chicken Coop (By: Kamilos0397)
- Cow Shed 42x22 (By: Piesel)
- Big Machines Hall (By: Ls_Dezign)
- Bunker Silo Kit (By: MOHAWK)
- Modern Barn (By: ikas)
- Crop Storage Pack (By: [DMI]20mmNormandy)
- Old Brick Building Pack (By: Gracuś/Filip)
- Concrete Bunker Set U (By: Kastor / d-s-agrarservice)
- Pallet Factory (By: erShaba (VSR Modding Sur))
- System Hall (By: User555)
- Bunker Silo Set (By: MefiuFs)
- Dutch Pigshed (By: Dutch Modding Inc. Jornpoeft)
- Sawmill (By: Happy_M0le)


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