Fiat 1300DT Rebuild

Fiat 1300 DT

Horsepower: 132HP-185HP
Cylinder: 6 Cyl 7.4l displacement
Base Price: 24000
Year Built: 1973

The Fiat 1300 was the biggest tractor of the Fiat Nastro d'Oro Series when it was first introduced in 1973.
Until it got replaced by the Fiat 1300 Super in 1976 its huge OM 7.4l naturally aspirated engine made 132hp at 2100rpm.
Its certainly one legend of a mighty tractor.

In comparison to the default Fiat 1300dt the following was changed:
- front axle / track width widened so it matches the rear one, tractor doesn't look like a weird shoe anymore
- realistically possible wheel configurations (and there are quite a few wheel configs and combinations)
- frame and engine color changed to brown like the original, not grey
- new rims made
- new hubs for front axle made
- sound changed (no more 3 cyl lawnmower sound in 6 cyl Fiat tractor)
- optional front 3pt linkage and front pto made

Also the following configurations were added:
- different material/color configurations for cab, rims and fenders
- engine configurations: default, chrome/open pipe, turbocharger(with visible turbocharger), turbocharger with intercooler (different air-filter outside gets visible)
- various wheel configs
- config for front 3pt and front 3pt with pto

And of course the tractor is SimpleIC (doors & windows) and RMT (Real Manual Transmission) ready!
Farming Simulator 19
Small Tractors
19.71 MB
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4.4 (397)
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