Lizard Multibaler Kombi

Lizard Multibale Press/wrap combination. This homemade press/wrapper combination has been made for direct pressing of chopped corn.
Simply place the storage hopper with a front loader onto the front frame of the baler and couple them together. This bunker makes it easy to overload the chopper and produce foiled silage bales.
If the Multibaler is to be coupled directly to the chopper, the enclosed adapter is the key to success.
Simply couple it to the chopper and there will be the appropriate connections for PTO, hydraulics, compressed air and electricity available.
The Multibaler can still bale straw, hay and grass. The bunker also enables non-stop baling.
It is also possible to operate the Multibaler as a stationary baler on the farm.
The hopper can be loaded with a shovel or conveyor belt for this purpose. A tractor is required for stationary operation.

The package includes the following machines:

Lizard Multibaler:
Price: 85200 §
Needed power: 110 hp
Bales: Straw, Hay, Grass, Chaff (chopped corn)
Bale capacity: 4000 l
Color choice: yes
Color choice foil: yes
Steering axle: yes
Category: bale technology
Requires multibale bunker

Lizard Multibale Bunker:
Price: 15800 $
Filltype: Straw, Hay, Grass, Chaff
Capacity: 10000 l
Color choice: yes
Category: misc

Lizard Chopper Adapter:
Price: 3800 $
Connectors: 2x hydraulics, 2x compressed air, 1x electricity, PTO
Color choice: yes
Category: misc
Important: Before connecting and disconnecting the adapter, please disconnect the cutting unit first.
Please disconnect the cutter from the harvester before saving the game.

This mod does not work in combination with the Anderson DLC!
Farming Simulator 19
Baling Technology
10.09 MB
User Rating:
3.9 (388)
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