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(Spring 2021 Spectacular).
Hello everyone. Are you ready for this update?
Spring 2021 has had almost a year of development and is finally available for you to enjoy in Farming Simulator 19.
It is specially developed for PS AND XBOX users in order to bring you much more new content and news.
As usual with spring updates, a new game is required to start.
Remember that your saved game is not compatible with this update.

Let's get started:

R.D.C is translated into: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
If you like R.D.C and its features, and you want me to translate it into your language. Comment on the official Farming simulator forum.

- R.D.C.FS19 is 100% compatible with Precision Farming.
- Alfalfa, Centeno and Teff crops have their own values.
- RayGrass: Yes, the RayGrass cultivation has also been incorporated with its own values.
- The soil types map is personalized.
- Find out which soils are most beneficial and productive for these crops.

- A system has been incorporated that I have devised and developed to simulate a large-scale and compatible production for PS AND XBOX.
- With this system that I have devised and developed, I add the following productions.
- You can produce: Tomato, Lettuce, Cauliflower, Carrot, Apple, Orange, Cherry, Olive, Grape, Acorn, Chestnut and Almond.
- You will find land on the map with orchards or fields where to produce and collect the aforementioned.
- In one of them a beehive is installed with several combs where you can collect the honey. Be careful not to get stung!
- In another of them you can collect resin from resin pines.
- In the store you will find what you need to pick up any production.
- In addition to this, the entire system of particles and planes has been incorporated so that PS and XBOX users do not reduce their spaces and can load on trailers, shovels, etc ...
- You will find some numbering icons: 1, 2, 3. (Activate interactive zones in the configuration menu).
1st - The water will activate the irrigation in orchards. In the cherry and almond trees it will activate the green production flowering. Capacity 60000l.
2nd - The manure will start production and will allow you to place the box at number 3. Otherwise it will be blocked. Manure capacity 60000l.
Notes: (When the manure is running out, you may not be able to place the box or pick it up, you will have to re-manure).
(If the manure runs out and you have a box in place, the system will block the box and you will not be able to take it, you will have to manure again or sell the box.)
3rd - Place the box, enter the box chamber, I have started filling. When it is full, remove the box, place another and carry out the same process.

- In winter, new traffic vehicles were incorporated. Now in spring the following traffic vehicles arrive.

- Retouching in general.
- New RayGrass crop.
- New Teff crop texturing.
- New texturing of Alfalfa cultivation.
- Changes in the texture of wheat.
- Retouching crop textures.
- The planes of the crop grains have been modified in order to see a smaller grain.
- All crops except alfalfa, when you harvest them you will get Fodder that you can ensile, pack, hay, etc ...

- Created new areas on the map.
- Reissued some areas.
- New shopping areas.
- New purchase fields.
- The terrain texture has changed to spring, (real terrain texture, lighter tone).

- Spring sounds are back.

- The diet has changed, find out for yourself.
- Reduces the consumption of food and straw.
- Increase water consumption.
- Manure and slurry at normal levels.

- Spring: Although this year I have reduced the rainy days.
- The rainy days will last between 5 hours and a maximum of 10 hours of the game.

- New spring texturing.
- In terrain edit mode you will paint the grass, plants and spring bushes in short state.
This will make that as time progresses you can observe how they grow.
- New Spring PDA.
- Retouching and changes in textures and objects.
- The fauna returns with spring.
- You can enjoy the characteristic flowering of almond and cherry trees.

- Spring 2021.
- New Warehouse designed for potatoes and beets.
- New bunkers for silage.
- New grain silos. (Little and big)
- New herbicide storage tank.
- New digestate storage tank.
- New storage tank for liquid fertilizer.
- New silo to store feed.
- New silo to store lime, seeds and solid fertilizer.
- All the production system mentioned above.
- New traffic vehicles mentioned above.
- New points of sale.
- New crop mentioned above.
- I forget something safer.

- Not compatible with Seasons.
- Not compatible with Straw Harvest.

Enjoy! of this great update.
Farming Simulator 19
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