Fendt Vario 900 Gen6 (MY 2020)

Fendt Vario 900 Generation 6
Price: 282.500€
Power: 305hp

-basecolor configuratiable
-tire configuration
-RuL changeable
-SimpleIC or IC
-Tire Pressure

engine configuration:

-Fendt Vario 930 Power
-Fendt Vario 930 Profi
-Fendt Vario 933 Power
-Fendt Vario 933 Profi
-Fendt Vario 936 Power
-Fendt Vario 936 Profi
-Fendt Vario 939 Power
-Fendt Vario 939 Profi
-Fendt Vario 942 Power
-Fendt Vario 942 Profi

Changelog: V
- fixed connectingHoses
- fixed mirror error
- fixed wheelbase for backaxis
- fixed light flicker for consoles
- fixed driving dynamics
- fixed driver animation

- added Agribumper Configuration
- added more configurations
- added intelligent light-systemitem
- added new store and icon picture
- added new grills (side)
- added new decal for engine configuration
- added added new features in cabin interior
- added optical control elements in the interior
- added other sound
- added new colours for rims and mainbody

Changelog: V
- completely revised model:
x new interior
x new hood
x new lights
x new stern

- VarioGrip added
- adjusted tire sizes and added new ones
- lowerable front axle
- added colorconfiguration for roof
- added new configurations
- prices adjusted to the original
- added power variant

Changelog: V
- fixed visual bugs like the front grill
- fixed model bugs like faulty faces
- fixed texture bugs like normalMap
- fixed functional bugs like Front Hydraulic depth (Vicon frontmower works now)
- added worklights in the sides, interior lights and lights for identification plates
- adjusted model
- added UniversalPassenger
- added light effect for led-beaconlights

Changelog: V
- fixed some bugs
- added normalMap to frontfender
- fixed invisible Decals
- fixed front window

Changelog: V
- fixed some bugs on the modell
- fixed little bugs around
- changed wheelsystem to original wheels with different configs
- fixed animations
- added tirePressure to VarioGrip configuration
- added realistic beaconlights
- support only more for SimpleIC-Mod
- fixed Problem with UniversalPassenger-Mod
- fixed position of the Passenger
- added original Fendt receiver for GuidanceSteering-Mod

Attention: Since several important functions have shifted / changed within the mod, the tractor must definitely be bought again and the old version deleted!
Farming Simulator 19
18.35 MB
User Rating:
4.6 (4991)

Required Mods:

- Agribumper (By: VertexDezign)
- Universal Passenger (By: GtX)
- Guidance Steering (By: Wopster)

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