Crawford Farms

Welcome to Crawford Farms (Seasons Mod Ready)... This map is based of the East Coast of Canada. A Google Earth image and correct terrain levels were used to correctly represent the area as close as possible.

- The map includes all Farming Simulator 17 base features and much more...
- Seasons Mod ready with Eastern Canada Geo installed
- Compost Master, Bio Fuel Plant, and Liquid Fertilizer Production
- Free Water
- Animated Objects
- Multi-Terrain and Mud Mod
- 10 Gold Nuggets
- 40 Fields from small to large (Missions on 39 of them)
- Tons of forestry throughout the map
- Chopped Straw
- Fuel, Milk, & Liquid Fertilizer Sell Points
- Note: AAA_UPK Mod is required for refillable fuel tank on the farm.

Changelog: V1.0.0.1
- Fixed seasons mod snow issue
- Added trigger markers for fuel station and repair point at main farm
- Lowered floating trigger marker at BGA
- Removed snow from inside greenhouse
- Fixed description. Map does not support sugar cane at this point in time.
- Reduced file size
- Replaced fuel station at main farm so you no longer need to run the AAA_UPK Mod-ready
- Note: if you have stored fuel at this location it is suggested that you put it into a trailer before updating or all fuel will be lost.

Changelog: V1.0.0.2
- Fixed flickering objects such as roads
- Added tree line to better represent the area
- Opened up yard at animal dealer for easier turning with larger vehicles
- Added a couple of mud holes in lower areas
- Updated old lighting and added additional night lights
- Added teleport location for the shop

I hope you all enjoy the map!
Farming Simulator 17
542.77 MB
User Rating:
3.7 (387)


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