Ponsse Buffalo Dual

PONSSE Buffalo Dual is a combination of an efficient harvester and a powerful forwarder. With Dual, you can operate economically with the operating costs of a single machine. It can be converted from a harvester into a forwarder and back in just a few minutes. Buffalo Dual’s technology is of the absolute Ponsse quality, tested in practice and familiar from other models.
PONSSE BuffaloDual flexibly supplements the capacity of standard machines. It is also a cost-efficient solution at sites where the use of two machines is too much and too expensive. Dual is a simple and solid combination machine, based on the PONSSE Buffalo forwarder. Its capacity is more than enough for heavy thinning and energy wood harvesting. Dual is also ideal for the regeneration felling of small-diameter stands. Its load-carrying capacity is 14 tons, or up to 15 tons with a balanced bogie. Its powerful working hydraulics and crane make Dual an efficient machine, both as a harvester and as a forwarder. PONSSE Buffalo Dual is more than a forwarder with just a harvester head added – it is a special tool designed as a dual machine from the beginning.

Whats inside this pack:
1. Ponsse Buffalo Dual
2. Ponsse 035 Grapple
3. Ponsse Standard Grapple
4. Ponsse Front Bunk
5. Ponsse Back Bunk
6. Clambunk
7. Ponsse H5 Harvester Head

Specifications Ponsse Buffalo Dual:
Horsepower: 286 HP
Load Rating: 14 000 kg
Decking Blade and Engine Grill Guard
Price: 221 000 $
Color Configuration

Specifications Back Bunk:
Trailer Attacher Configuration
Color Configuration
Price: 2 000 $
Farming Simulator 19
Forestry Equipment
9.62 MB
User Rating:
3.9 (729)
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