TLX 2020 Series

TLX 2020 series pick-up
- multifunctional all-rounder with several configurations for your operation:
- preconfigurable options
- color choice
- tire selection ; Base, sport and high performance; Three versions each
- options to select bumpers and other extras according to your wishes!
- Lighting options, 9 pieces such as LED light, bumper lighting and much more.
- Flashing lightbar
- equipment for the body, off-road bumpers. Mudguards ...
- Options for mirrors, normal or trailer operation
- Different options for construction, standard, liquids, grain and tree trunks
- All equipment can also be selected as a trailer to fully exploit the possibilities and capacities
- 2 engine configurations (180hp and 280hp); max speed set to 120km/h
- Tipper bed with 2 capacities (6000 and 8000)
- Liquids bed with 5000L of capacity
- Lawncare bed for small landscaping works
- Baling bed with bales autoload
Loading operation instructions:
1) Set to Operation mode
2) Drive close to bales placing a bale in the middle of the bale loader
3) Wait for the animation to load the bale
4) Repeat (up to 3 times)
Unloading operation instructions:
1) Set to Unloading
2) Adjust the position of the unloading positions with the RB and right joystick (mouse controls too)
3) Press Unload here to release the bales
- Price 28000 €

Changelog v1.1.0.0:
- Issue fixed: Attacher type change to avoid other vehicle connections
- Issue fixed: Reduce the brake force
- Issue fixed: Floating cargo when using tension belts in Flatbed/Log-IT beds
- Issue fixed: Diamond plate texture glitching from the distance
- Issue fixed: Liq-IT Trailer setup as manure spreader not working
- Issue fixed: off-road bumper lights not working
Changelog v1.1.5.0:
- Issue fixed: Performance wheels stability improved
- Issue fixed: Fuel gauge not working properly (thanks to Dutch-Modding)
- Fixed dirt in the trailboss attachment
Changelog v1.1.6.0:
- Issue fixed: 6.7L Badge not working on the 6.7L option
- Issue fixed: Removed collisions from the hooks in the bumper
Changelog v1.1.7.0:
- Issue fixed: Attached beds now move with the front axle lift
- Adjusted the driving and suspension softness

Added v1.1.0.0:
- Regular pickup bed attachment
- 6.7L Version
- Dashboard lights
- Off-road wheels set
- Winter wheels set
Added v1.1.5.0:
- AttacherConfiguration for the front plow
- Low wheel suspension for Performance Wheels
- Tip-IT Open box
Added v1.1.6.0:
- New bed for Lawncare Yard-IT
- New set of custom colors
- Ramps for the Open Tip-IT
- New set of All-Terrain Tires
Added v1.1.7.0:
- Dual rim options for the All-Terrain tires
- Black rollbar
Added v1.1.8.0:
- Added new attachertype for the TLX Camp-IT
- Added new bed/implement for baling
Farming Simulator 19
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