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  5 Options Menu
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  7 Map
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  1 Farm silos
  2 Cowshed
  3 Milk
  4 Manure
  5 Fertilizer
  6 Seeds
  7 Diesel
  8 Slurry
  9 Farming Shop
  10 Mill (selling point)
  11 Harbour (selling point)
  12 Station (selling point)
  13 Inn (selling point)
  14 Biogas plant (selling point)


Working on the Fields

You start out with two fields which have been prepared at different levels. One is ready to be sown, the other is ready for harvest. You can find the necessary tools at your farm.

Field states

  1 Cultivated
  2 Sown
  3 Growth stage 1
  4 Growth stage 2
  5 Ready for harvest
  6 Harvested
  7 Dead


Working with grass

In order to feed your cows, you need a meadow to cut the grass and produce hay bales. Cut the grass using a mower, then either load it with a loader wagon and sell it to the Biogas Plant, or continue with the steps needed to make hay bales for your animals. Once the grass is cut, you need to tedder it so it can dry to hay and only then can your baler pick it up and produce hay bales. Using a windrower before baling allows you to collect the grass into neat rows that are easier to pick up.

Drop off the hay bales at the cowshed. As long as your animals are fed, you will receive Milk, which is stored in a milk tank that will appear next to the shed. You can then drive the milk tank to a selling point to deliver the milk in the same way you do with crops. Make sure you take the milk tank back to the shed so it can fill up again.

Attaching tools

If you want to attach a tool to your tractor, you need to put the tractor in reverse and back towards it. As soon as you are close enough, the tool will be attached to your tractor automatically. You can detach it again by tapping the icon. Make sure you approach the tool from the correct side, otherwise it won't attach.

Activating tools

Simply tap the action icon to lower (activate) or raise (deactivate) your tool.

Grain Types

You can freely choose which of the three grain types (wheat, canola, corn) you want to sow. Only sow as much as you can reap, as ripe grain starts to rot if it is not harvested in time. Be aware that corn requires special machinery to harvest.

Hiring Assistants

Drive the appropriate vehicle (and tool) to the field that needs to be worked. Tap the assistant icon to hire a worker. If all is set, the assistant will take over the vehicle controls and start working straight away. All assistants accumulate wages based on their working hours. If the attached tool’s fuel tank is empty, the costs for diesel, fertilizer and seeds will also be deducted automatically. Hint: Position the vehicle in the corner of a field before you hire the assistant. This ensures the worker covers the entire field.

Farming Shop

The farming shop is accessible at all times for purchasing new tools or vehicles. A list of available equipment is displayed.

Anything you acquire appears directly at the shop in the village. To retrieve a new tool, you need to drive a tractor to the shop to be able to attach it. If you buy a new vehicle, you will immediately find yourself inside it. You can own a maximum of 45 machines at a time. When selling a tool or vehicle, you will get three quarters of the original purchasing price back.

Objects with a lock icon must be unlocked first. As a bonus, you will also receive one of the vehicles or tools at the shop when you unlock it. Use the restore button to restore previously unlocked items on a new device.

Tools can only be used when they are attached to a tractor. The larger and heavier the tool is, the sturdier and more powerful the tractor needs to be.
Combine Harvesters
Once the grain is ripe, you can use a combine harvester with the appropriate cutter and harvest the field. To harvest corn, you need a combine harvester with specially designed corn cutters which may be acquired at the Farming Shop.
Forage Harvester
If you want to chop corn, you need the Krone Big X forage harvester. Since the harvester does not have a tank of its own, you need to attach a trailer to it. You can unload chaff at the biogas plant for which you will not only earn money but also refill the slurry tank over time.
Cultivators are used to loosen up the soil and prepare the field for the next step - the sowing.
Once a combine harvester’s tank is full, you can unload the contents into a tipper. To do this, you need to position the combine harvester next to the trailer. When you are positioned correctly, the combine harvester extends its pipe automatically and unloads the harvest into the trailer. You can then drive the trailer to one of the selling points where you will receive money for your crop. If you do not want to sell your harvest immediately, you can temporarily store it in the silos at your farm.
Sowing Machines
Sowing machines plant seeds into the ground and then cover them. If you tap the seed type icon you can toggle between the available seed types (wheat, canola, corn). Sowing machines are emptied when in use and therefore need to be refilled at the seed pallets by the garden centre.
Fertilizer Spreaders
To improve the harvest, you can boost the growth of young plants by fertilizing them with a spreader.
Slurry Tank
Drive your slurry tank to the tank silo at the biogas plant to fill it up for free. The amount of slurry in the silo depends on the amount of grain and chaff you previously unloaded at the biogas plant.
Manure Spreader
Drive your manure spreader to the manure heap at the farm to fill it up for free. The amount of manure in the heap depends on the amount of straw bales you previously unloaded at the cow shed.
Your basic implement to cut grass.
Using a Tedder, you can dry grass, converting it into hay.
The Windrower arranges cut grass into neat rows, making it easier for a Baler or Loaderwagon to pick up.
The Loaderwagon picks up grass and hay, which you can then sell at the biogas plant.
Baler & Automatic Bale Loader
Hay from meadows or the straw that accumulates during the threshing process can be pressed into hay or straw bales respectively with the baler. The automatic bale loader makes transporting and stacking bales a lot easier. You can unload them at your cow shed as food and bedding for cows.


Buying Fields

You can only work on fields that you own. You can buy additional fields by tapping their respective plus icon on the map.

Filling Stations

There are several stations that allow you to refill your vehicles and tools. The fertilizer tank refills your sprayers. The seed pallets provide seeds for your sowing machines and the gas tank provides fuel for your tractors. Drive to the station and the filling process will commence automatically as soon as you are in range. Keep in mind that refilling is not free.

Grain Stations & Grain Prices

In order to earn money, you must deliver your harvest to one of the five selling points (station, mill, harbour, inn, biogas plant). The price depends on how often and how much you sell of each grain type. If, for example, you keep selling canola, its price will decrease until you can hardly make a profit. On the other hand, grain types that you don’t sell for a long time will have high prices. Check the statistics in the options menu to see the current prices of all selling points.

Biogas Plant

The biogas plant pays the best price for chaff. However, the amount is limited by the duration of the fermenting process. If you deliver grain or chaff, you will be paid and the slurry tank located near the plant eventually fills up. If you own a slurry tanker, you can refill it here for free and fertilize your fields.


You can temporarily store your harvest in the silos at your farm. Each silo is labelled with the grain type it contains. To store your grain in a silo, you have to unload the filled tipper into the pit next to the three silos. When the trailer is positioned correctly, the unload process starts automatically. To load a tipper, you must steer it underneath the silo of the desired grain type. The pipe opens automatically as soon as you are positioned correctly.


At regular intervals, you will get the opportunity to complete specific missions within a given time limit. If you accept a mission, an indicator on the map starts flashing, showing you where you need to go. Additionally, a countdown timer informs you of the time left to finish this task. You will earn coins for each completed mission.


Nouveau-Riche Your account has reached more than 1 million.
Well-Heeled There is more than 5 million on your account.
Pots of Gold Your wealth has exceeded 10 million.
Trucker You have covered more than 10 km with vehicles.
Mobile Farmer You have covered more than 100 km with vehicles.
Very Frequent Driver You have covered more than 1000 km with vehicles.
Peasant You have harvested more than 1 hectare.
Fruits of Your Labour You have harvested more than 10 hectares.
Harvest King You have harvested more than 100 hectares.
Green Thumb You have sown more than 1 hectare.
Sower You have sown more than 10 hectares.
Mass Production You have sown more than 100 hectares.
A Helping Hand You have recovered goods for 5 citizens.
The Philanthropist You have helped 10 citizens.
Diesel Tycoon You have used over 1000 litres of diesel.

Getting Started Guide

At the beginning of the game, you find yourself in your old harvester, in front of a ripe field of wheat. You also own a tractor, a trailer, a cultivator and a sowing machine. All the implements you need to become a successful farmer.

Start your harvester by tapping the wrench symbol on the action bar shown below, then slide the speed lever upwards and steer the harvester straight ahead into the field to start harvesting. (Either by tilting your mobile or with the steering slider if you are using a tablet)

The wheat is threshed and slowly fills the harvester's tank as you progress (note the fill percentage at the top of the HUD). The harvester also leaves behind straw. Once you can afford a baler, you will be able to use this straw as bedding for your cows. For now though, you can ignore the straw.

Once you get the hang of it, you can hire a worker to do the job for you. Tap the steering wheel icon to put the farmhand to work and he will continue working, leaving you free to do something else. Using hired workers is the key to good management and the more vehicles you have, the more important it becomes.

The helper can take care of himself, so switch to your tractor by tapping the vehicle switch button with the tractor symbol.

Reverse the tractor towards the tipper located behind it and it will automatically attach to your tractor.

Meanwhile, your harvester may already have filled its tank and cannot continue working. Drive your tractor and tipper next to the harvester so that the grain pipe is over the tipper, and it will unload the harvest into the trailer.

As soon as the harvester has finished unloading in your tipper, the farmhand will get back to work again. Meanwhile, you can go and store the grain in your storage silos. Drive the back of the tipper over the grille next to the silos to unload your harvest.

You already own another field that has been cultivated to the north west of the one the harvester is currently working on. You should sow that field now to get some more crops growing. Detach the trailer using the 'detach symbol' in the action bar, drive over to the little red sowing machine and attach it to the back of the tractor the same way you did with the trailer.

Head over to the second field and set your grain type to either wheat or canola. Do not sow corn (maize) just yet! To harvest corn, you will need a better harvester with a corn header, which you will be able to buy later.

Once you have set your seed type, start in a corner of the field and turn on the automated helper.

As soon as the other field has been completely sown, we should go sell some of the grain in our silos to get some money.

Check the prices screen to find out where each type of grain gets you the most money at the moment.

Drive the tipper underneath one of the silos to fill it up with the type of crops indicated by the icon on the ground, then head off towards the selling point that pays the most.

Use the map on the left hand side of the screen to locate the place and find your way there. Drop the crops in the grille just as you did at the silos and watch the money rack up in your account.

Get back to your farm and attach the cultivator to your tractor if the harvester has finished with the field.

We need to cultivate it now before we can sow again. Again, you can do this manually or use the helper.

These are the basics for starting your successful farming career. Work to earn money and as soon as you can afford it, buy a second tractor so you can use one while the other is working automatically on the tasks you assign it. Additionally, a fertilizer spreader is a good investment as it will increase the yield of your harvest if you spray the fields before harvesting.

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