Modding Tutorials 5.0

Qu'est-ce qui est inclus?

Start modding for Farming Simulator 22 and get the new Modding Tutorials! We show you how to integrate your 3D-Models using Blender, step by step. A series of 15 tutorial videos will guide you through everything you need to know.

  1. Introduction & Blender Installation
  2. Installation of .i3d Exporter
  3. Surface Materials
  4. Separate & Editing Pivots
  5. Components & compoundChildren
  6. Functional Nodes
  7. modDescXML
  8. vehicleXML
  9. Create Animations With “Moving Tools”
  10. Adding Effects
  11. Merge Groups & Bounding Volume
  12. Level of Detail
  13. Skinning
  14. Creating Store Icons
  15. Fine Tuning

PC & Mac Version (download)


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