Experience the CLAAS Trion 750 in Augmented Reality!

You want to see the CLAAS Trion 750 up close in front of you and inspect the new combine harvester from every angle? Thanks to Augmented Reality you can. Walk around the AR model projected into the world through the lenses of your smartphone and take a close look at the design! Of course, you can take photos and videos of it in the real world, too.

It’s pretty simple: Grab your smartphone or tablet, open your camera and scan the QR code or click the button for your respective device if you’re already visiting mobile. Feel free to use our hashtags #fitsyourfarm and #farmsim22 on Twitter and Instagram to share it directly with us and other fans! That’s already it and you can experience the CLAAS Trion 750 in 3D wherever you are. Scale it, turn it and place it anywhere you want.

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