Farming Simulator Championship at FarmCon 18


The popular Farming Simulator Championship goes into the second round. At FarmCon 18, teams consisting of three players can participate in the tournament and compete for attractive prizes provided by our sponsor GIGABYTE. Of course, there will be enough space for spectators if you want to cheer for your favourite team.

You don't know what the Farming Simulator Championship is? The video will give you an insight into the game.

The task: This time each team has a maximum of 8 minutes to press 20 bales of straw and load them onto a bale cart in the middle of the field. The team that has loaded the 20 bales in the shortest time wins.

Sounds simple? If you also want to participate, register your team here and choose your playing date and time. You will then receive an e-mail from us with further details.

Please note that you have to be on site in Schwandorf and need to have a ticket for FarmCon to take part in the competition. To verify this we ask you to enter a FarmCon booking number of one of your team members. Ideally it’s the booking number of the person registering your team for the FSC.

Team Hektar Helden win 1st Farming Simulator Championship


It’s Saturday, the final day of the first Farming Simulator Championship and after only 3 minutes the team “Hektar Helden” are about to load the few remaining bales on the bale wagon when the moderator shouts “And it looks like they could beat the fastest time!”. The crowd’s excitement over the unbelievable time changes into shock when the 20th and all deciding bale falls off the wagon. Their voices get louder again once they realize that even despite this misfortune it’s still possible to beat the already amazing time of 4:39:76 set by Vertexdezign one day earlier – almost one minute faster than the next best team Creative Mesh. They all hold their breath when the bale gets placed onto the wagon for the second time. And this time it stays stable. Now they just have to drive back all their vehicles. The time stops at 4:18.13 and thundering applause welcomes the new leaders of the competition.

And they stay on top. No other team is able to threaten their time throughout the rest of the tournament. People say that the “Hektar Helden” changed their tactics two times while preparing for the championship to get below 6 minutes and then finally even below 4 minutes. If you look at the stack of bales on the wagon it’s seems to be some sort of “All or Nothing” tactic but it worked and later in the evening they could wear their gold medals, lift the cup and call themselves the 1st Farming Simulator Champions. As a special prize each of them also got a GIGABYTE GTX 1070Ti graphics card with NVIDIA chipset in addition to the title and the prizes the sponsor GIGABYTE provided for the daily winners (K3 FORCE keyboard, XM 300 mouse and AORUS H5 headset each) as well as tractor models from various brands.

We hope that all participants and spectators had as much fun as we had. Also we’d like to thank the partners and sponsors DLG, Agritechnica and the profi and Stark magazines for the great cooperation. We’re already thinking about how to advance from here and if you want to share your ideas with us, feel free to participate here in the forum thread.

Brand new graphics cards for the Farming Simulator Champions!


There are only a few slots left in the Farming Simulator Championship and if you haven’t signed up yet, you should think about doing it now! In addition to all those bragging rights and calling yourself the very first “Farming Simulator Champion 2017” each member of the fastest team of the week will win a super hot prize!

We’re very proud to announce today that three brand new GeForce® GTX 1070Ti graphics cards from our sponsors GIGABYTE and NVIDIA will be waiting for the champions. One for each member!

Now if this doesn’t make you train even harder….what are you waiting for?


Farming Simulator Championship 2017


GIANTS Software presents together with profi and Stark the first Farming Simulator championship. At Agritechnica in hall 25 at booth B29, teams consisting of three players can compete for the title "Farming Simulator Champion 2017", as well as attractive prizes. The prizes range from peripherals and graphics cards with NVIDIA chip sets from our sponsor GIGABYTE and a variety of tractor models of well-known brands.

The task: Each team has a maximum of 10 minutes to press 20 bales and load them onto a bale wagon in the middle of the field. The team that stacks the 20 bales in the shortest time wins. The fastest teams of each day can look forward to attractive daily prizes. For the fastest three teams of the entire event, medals and XXL trophies are available in addition to the overall prizes. The fastest team will, of course, also take home the title of World Champion.

The video below this text will give you an overview over the task.

If you want to participate, please register your team here and choose your date. We will send you an e-mail with further details.

Don’t want to participate in the competition, but still interested in taking a look at the game? Then try the Farming Simulator at one of our gaming stations in the spectator area or visit our second booth in hall 27, booth F60.