Smell the countryside with Farming Simulator at this year’s gamescom!

August 10, 2017

Just imagine yourself grabbing your chainsaw in Farming Simulator, starting to cut a tree and then literally smelling the very wood in front of you. Sounds like an april fool’s joke, right? Well, it WAS but now its getting real at gamescom 2017!

Unlike back then, today is not April 1st and together with the specialists for digital innovations at Time Travelers Club and the fantastic technology by Olorama we will make it possible for you to not only see your actions in Farming Simulator at our booth in Hall 8 (A-051) but also to smell what you’re doing.

Olorama works similar to our fictional Oleo SC-8. Specific actions in Farming Simulator trigger the WiFi connected device which then releases the matching scent out of one of up to 10 cartridges and waft it towards the player with the help of a fan.

If you feel like not only seeing and playing but also smelling Farming Simulator for a change, you are more than welcome to visit one of our stage shows or ask one of our team at the booth. Maybe there is still a free slot open for you at the especially prepared gaming station!

Which scents will you be able to experience at gamescom?

  • The scent of wood when you cut it or use a woodchipper
  • Freshly cut grass.
  • Fresh woodland air when walking through a forest
  • Earth/ground when plowing or cultivating
  • Potatoes (while harvesting)

So follow your noses and we’ll see you soon in hall 8 in Cologne!

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